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Microsoft Planner is an app contained in every Microsoft 365 subscription.

Planner can be activated either directly from the homonymous app or enabled by default when a new Microsoft 365 group is opened.

Planner is a web-based tasks management tool that will allow you to plan activities and set goals.

This is the Redmond company's response to solutions such as Trello and Asana.

The idea is to optimize and organize work by sharing the realization phases of each project with one's team or collaborators.

Planner facilitates teamwork management.

You can create a new plan, prepare a team, assign tasks, and update progress in just a few simple steps.

In this way, you can carry out a project, assign objectives, and check the development of the project and the goals assigned to the individual persons.

Planner User Interface

The Planner user interface page is divided into two panels. On the left, Planner displays the navigation panel; on the right, it shows the content box.

The Navigation view includes options to create a New Plan or access to Hub Planner (it is accessible to all Favorite plans, the progress of each plan, Recent Plans, etc.), Personal Activities, Favorite Plan List, Recent Plans.

The Contents view offers you the default view of the Whiteboard, which arranges the activities in columns. The columns are defined by the grouping criterion established by the project owner, giving the tool a very flexible nature.

The Charts view shows the progress of various activities. Activity status is defined by color:

  • gray: activity not yet started;
  • blue: current activity;
  • red: delayed activity;
  • green: activity completed.

The Schedule view shows the activities as events integrated into a calendar that defines the expiry date or delivery.

The various team members can update the progress of the activity freely, and the software in real-time records any changes made.

What you can do with Microsoft Planner

In addition to allowing the creation of a plan that assigns each user activity to be completed by a specific date, Microsoft Planner also facilitates the execution of some of the activities included in the project.

  • Shared creation: Shared creation with Microsoft Online. Store the Microsoft files in the SharePoint document library associated with the plan and click Preview to start using! First of all, how to attach files to an activity - More.
  • Comments: Add comments to chat with the team.
    The team can read and respond to comments in the activity, in Outlook or the Microsoft Teams app.
  • Calendar: Schedule events with the plan calendar.
    Each plan also has a calendar, useful for acquiring the activities that the people working on the project should attend.
  • Notebook: Capture and organize meeting notes.
    Instead of holding meeting notes on sheets of paper or in Word documents and scattered emails, you can organize them better using the planning notebook.

An important advantage offered by the use of Planner for task management is that, thanks to the subscription to Microsoft 365, you have no additional costs. In fact, while other services base billing based on the number of users, with Microsoft 365 you will have Planner and all the other tools integrated into a single package, available at a single, fixed cost.

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