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The new SharePoint mobile app is Microsoft's fast and flexible solution to help do your work better!

Mobility in the workplace is becoming more and more important; with the right tools, collaboration strategies can be encouraged between teams and departments that are ever more advanced and efficient.

The company intranet allows you to solve many connectivity and collaboration issues between employees regardless of where they are. SharePoint mobile app enables you to:

  • connect from your smartphone to your company intranet's pages
  • stay in touch with colleagues
  • stay updated on current projects.
a SharePoint corporate intranet accessible from mobile app

The biggest problem with traditional corporate intranet was that you couldn't access it easily from smartphones and tablets.

Microsoft has developed a SharePoint mobile app to solve this problem. SharePoint was developed as an application for companies of any size to create a corporate intranet for document management.

Until recently, SharePoint was designed explicitly as a tool for desktop devices; today, Microsoft has developed the SharePoint app for mobile devices.

The new SharePoint mobile app encourages you to keep team members updated on all company news, quick access to the organization's resources, sites, team sites. Furthermore, it offers a real-time view of what's happening in your organization.

The SharePoint mobile app runs with SharePoint Online in Office 365, SharePoint Server 2013 and 2016, and in your hybrid environment.

Once the app is started on your iPhone or your Android, you will be asked to log in with your SharePoint credentials. The SharePoint mobile app lets you quickly switch between accounts.


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SharePoint Mobile App features

  • Links tab: the Links tab allows you and your team members to access internal sites designed to be seen by everyone within the company.

The Links tab takes you to sites set to be viewed by everyone in your company. SharePoint administrators control these resources, and your mobile users appreciate your efforts to make these business tools responsive and accessible on all devices.

If you have invested in responsive sites designed for mobile devices, they will be better in the app. Microsoft is investing in reactive design as a top priority to ensure that all new experiences are mobile and responsive by default.

  • Sites tab: in this tab, you can see a list of the sites you visit most frequently, along with those you follow. You can quickly access recent files you've opened and site resources, which usually include lists, documents, relevant presentations, and more.

  • People tab: easily browse your contacts to see what your colleagues are up to with the best intelligence built into Office 365 and SharePoint.

  • Search box: search through files, sites, and people with the new SharePoint mobile app.

When you search within the mobile app, you don't just search on SharePoint sites, but also your intranet, on company sites, OneDrive for Business files, and access any folders.

Microsoft has simplified all the features to allow you to focus on your business, enhance engagement, and help your colleagues work and perform responsibilities daily. Speed up your productivity: download the SharePoint mobile app now.

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