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SharePoint is a collaboration platform developed by Microsoft. It started in 2003 as a document management solution and then grew into a content management system.

This was the first company intranet with the aim of connecting people, enabling sharing and communication in the same company.

The Microsoft SharePoint solution has a huge set of incorporated features.
All of these capabilities can let you create your Intranet or Extranet sites effortlessly.

SharePoint can be installed in your network or can be used in the software-as-service mode, within Microsoft 365.

The software is a service for companies, to help them create corporate websites accessible to employees in the same organization.

  • Share and find documents
  • Manage and categorize data
  • Produce and share information
  • Create web pages
  • Manage permits
  • And much more!
SharePoint, creating company intranet

The strength of this tool lies in its ability to share documents and archive them in a central place: upload your paper from the site or directly from the “Save as” action in the application you used to create the document.

In short, it has a “container” that allows you to replace the traditional file system.
You could delete shared folders on servers and teach users how to save documents into SharePoint lists and libraries.
In addition to the standard file server features, SharePoint can add additional information to files with metadata!

You can add any type of information, using columns, to better categorize your intranet files.

Another strong aspect of SharePoint is the management and customization of  authorizations for files, lists of data and every access to your records.
These authorizations are not limited only to the document but also to the folder, the web part, the page, the subsite, and the entire site you are managing.

You can create pages and publish them online, or create a site for each department and insert different kinds of web parts such as blogs, announcements, lists of members, document libraries.

However, what is the web part? A web part is every block element that constitutes a SharePoint page; each page can have several web parts. You have several types of web parts available that allow you to personalize the content with your favorite design.

Are you planning to create your company intranet with SharePoint? is a fully-featured intranet solution for your SharePoint Online.

Why you should use SharePoint Online for the company intranet

Here are some of the advantages your organization can benefit from using SharePoint:

SharePoint helps corporates in documents management and sharing

Documents management and sharing

You can manage access and document sharing, allow viewing and editing only by users you have selected, either inside or outside your company. The document management system is also very straightforward: you can edit your file directly from the browser using Microsoft Online applications.

SharePoint increases collaborations and improves teamwork


Collaborate on content, anywhere, on any device. It integrates both internal and external processes. SharePoint is not a social media platform, but it has features that allow you to get to know your employees better. It allows you to add personal profiles to your Intranet: you can see the interests of your colleagues, their responsibilities, and with whom they work.

Office 365 logo

Integrated with Office 365

SharePoint is a collaboration service, that can be used in Sass within an Microsoft 365 subscription. It is becoming one of the essential tools of the whole platform. Management and collaboration features are perfectly integrated with other applications.

Using SharePoint through your Office 365 subrscription

Low cost

If you already use Microsoft 365, you can start using SharePoint without worrying about spending money on a dedicated and involved Intranet service. If you are still not in the Microsoft cloud, you can acquire 1 license for e-mails, cloud storage and collaboration services.

SharePoint App: stay tuned with your business

The intranet is your business hub: it provides collaborative spaces that give employees the resources to work together, news and information.

With SharePoint App, you’ll have your Intranet into your pocket: full access to corporate news and announcements, colleagues’ contacts, sites, and content whenever you are!

The App is available for Windows, iOS, macOS, and Android. It will even incorporate SharePoint in loco sites.

Let’s recap why you should use Microsoft SharePoint for your corporate business:

  • Organize: in a team or on your own, SharePoint lets you organize information, people, and projects.
  • Identify: easily find answers, get in-depth information, and take advantage of expert assistance.
  • Management: keep in touch with colleagues, share ideas, and reinvent how to collaborate in the company.
  • Develop: thanks to Microsoft SharePoint and its integrations, every company can personalize their web to use all the features.

SharePoint is the most accessible and immediate solution to implement a corporate intranet where users can share information and collaborate.

Thanks to its flexibility, Microsoft SharePoint allows you to create solutions tailored to your business needs.

These are just some of the reasons why you should consider using SharePoint for your new intranet. There are many Intranet providers out there, but they could cost you more time and money than you want to spend.

Remember: if you have Microsoft 365, you already have access to it! All you have to do is start creating your company intranet!

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