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We've got your back! is the result of years of experience using Microsoft technology and artificial intelligence to create customized company intranets. Choose the most appropriate intranet solutions for your company!

20+ products

Don't bother with the old intranets! is your company's intranet, with a variety of functions to support internal communication, HR work, and all departments that need to share information with coworkers.


Ready to use

You can create your next company intranet in a matter of minutes with our in-a-box intranet, which includes functionalities that fit your needs as well as creative abilities that assist your employees in their work.

Integrated with SharePoint

Create your next intranet using our personalized components and all the out-of-the-box features of SharePoint Online and Microsoft 365. With this highly customizable solution, the sky is the limit!

We help you find the right plan for your business

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For SMEs

  • Ready to use

    An intranet that is ready to use and requires no technical knowledge to set up. Integrated with your Microsoft 365 account, our intranet allows you to connect all of your company's employees.

  • Cost-cutting

    You don't need to buy anything else if you use products: we provide integrated solutions that allow you to complete all of your tasks without incurring additional development costs.

  • No Maintenance

    100% SAAS means that you do not have any maintenance costs. very day, we ensure that everything is in working order.


For large companies

  • Large-scale project accelerator

    More than 20 ready-to-use vertical applications that have been tested and deployed by commercial customers enable you to take on a new intranet project while saving time and money on analysis and development.

  • Saas or Self-Hosted

    It can be set up in your Azure tenant or used as a SAAS service.

  • 100% integrated with Microsoft 365 and Viva

    It automatically interacts with the Microsoft 365 collaboration tools you use every day, thanks to Microsoft Graph and Azure AD integration.

  • Support provides enterprise help throughout the entire process of analyzing, installing, configuring, and using your intranet. We have over 15 years of SharePoint experience and are a Microsoft Gold Partner.

Giuseppe Marchi - Microsoft MVP - Office Apps and Services

Giuseppe Marchi - Microsoft MVP - Office Apps and Services brings over 15 years of experience in building intranets and digital workplaces to the table


"I'm Giuseppe Marchi, and I've been a Microsoft MVP for Sharepoint and Microsoft 365 since 2010. originated from Dev4side Software SRL's extensive experience in the world of intranet portals and digital workplaces, including hundreds of Sharepoint projects for some of Italy's most prestigious companies.

We've gathered the best of our success stories to create a ready-to-use intranet that meets the needs of any company, regardless of size or sector, and is capable of increasing employee productivity, simplifying internal communication, and improving worker care."