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Why do intranet projects fail to deliver successfully?

Building the company intranet portal is usually very demanding in terms of costs, times, company resources used, and widespread delays in these projects are quite often. provides a cost-effective intranet and digital workplace to manage your internal processes with a solution proven effective to increase employee's productivity.

To keep it even more straightforward, you can choose between a Saas or a Managed installation. supports your company intranet by helping your users quickly and easily complete daily tasks

Quick access to company documents

Fast and easy daily

Easy access to colleagues' information

Quickly search
for colleagues
and staff contacts

More efficient internal corporate communications

Create, edit and
publish news for
internal communication

Fast collaboration for better performances

Quickly process
any kind of task
or project

Employee resources and forms in one intranet platform

Submit internal
forms directly via

Corporate events scheduled in an intranet calendar

View important
company events
and dates

Using Microsoft Teams to improve business communication

Collaborate in your
digital workspace
with Teams integration

Intranet solutions to improve businesses' results

Increase productivity
time-saving and


Research, development and constant evolution are in our DNA, but our mainstays are also top quality features and time-saving.

This is why we analyze and collaborate with businesses to solve workplace issues with your state-of-the art intranet, with 10% of the time and with 10% of the budget. Ready, steady, go!

Two different plans to suit your needs

No matter how big or small your business, offers adaptable, tailored intranet solutions for your digital workplace.

With our intranet in-a-box, you can choose from two different plans to perfectly meet your requirements.

Two different type of installation offers you a secure SaaS platform that will notably save on the stress of infrastructures, maintenance, backups, and updates.

You can choose to deploy as a Managed service, in your Microsoft Azure tenant with additional customization and integrations.


Everything hosted in our infrastructure


We deploy everything in your Microsoft Azure tenant

5 reasons to choose solutions are the brainchild of years of experience designing solutions for world-wide corporate intranet, resulting in leading-edge products that exponentially improve work quality and efficiency.



  • Fast deployment
    A ready-to-go intranet, with quick, and easy settings, no technical skills required. Integrated into your Microsoft accounts, it seamlessly connects your business.
  • Integrated with Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online integrates with your existing Microsoft 365 subscription to help you make the most out of it.
  • Integrated with existing tools
    Our intranet can connects to all of your current tools. Your employees can have a have a single entry point with everything they need.
  • Keep your intranet costs down
    With's products, you don't need to purchase anything else: solutions are already incorporated to carry out common tasks which with no additional development costs.
  • Full support offers all the help you need for setup, initiation, and ongoing intranet use. We are dedicated to supporting you in the management of a thriving,sustainable intranet.

A full customization toolbox for your company intranet is an artificial intelligence pioneer for corporate intranet platforms.

Thanks to AI research, has developed unique tools that integrate standard intranet features while enhancing them with AI technology​ making it faster, more efficient and cost effective.​


Powered by Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online is built with the same technology that runs SharePoint Online and Microsoft 365 to provide the best, seamless integration.

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