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Questions & Answers

Here are all the questions our customers frequently ask us, so you can see all our solutions and options for your next intranet.

What you are looking for

An intranet is the entry point for every user in your company. You can understand more from this page. is a software solution that helps you quickly create your company intranet portal in Office 365 and SharePoint Online, with high level capabilities. Click here for more details.

You can use it, but with its out-of-the box features, you have an intranet with less features and you need more time to build it. With an intranet in-a-box solution you can leverage the experience of more than 15 years of work in the intranets market, with ready-to-go functionalities.

Yes, you can add the intranet as a Teams application or within a group tab. is also strongly integrated with Teams to amplify your company communication and overall adoption of the intranet. You can see more details here. is available globally, like the Office 365 platform.

You can find the list of supported languages here.
We can help you create a multilingual intranet, with sites in local language and automatic translations. You can find more details here.

Yes, just contact us.

"AI" means Artificial Intelligence or human intelligence simulated by a computer, to help humans work faster and more efficiently.

Because it helps company employees develop a good relationship with the intranet and increases their productivity. Have a read of this article.

everything is clear before purchasing

Licensing and costs

All our commercial offers are explained below.

No, sorry, but the costs and timing are nothing compared to the implementation of a new intranet from scratch.

We have four different types of licenses, based on the number of users you have in Office 365:

  • Business for companies with less than 300 users

  • Enterprise for companies with more than 300 users

  • Premium for companies with more than 5000 users
  • Diamond a full optional intranet for companies with more than 5000 users

It's as simple as the Microsoft licensing model for Office 365.
Then we have add-ons, for additional features. You can acquire add-ons on the Business, Enterprise and Premium versions. You can see all the details here.

You can buy our intranet in-a-box in two ways:

  • "Self hosted"

    • The product is a one-time purchase and will be installed in your Office 365

    • There is an optional yearly subscription for support and new features

  • "SaaS" - This is a yearly subscription, with support and new features

You can choose the best one for your needs.
Take a look at the comparison table.

Yes you can!
Just contact us and let us know which are your needs.

Note: this option is not available if you choose the SaaS version for your intranet. is integrated with SharePoint Online so your users need to have one of the following licenses:

  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic/Standard/Premium (aka: Office 365 Business Essentials, Business Premium or Microsoft 365 Business)

  • Office 365 E1, E5

  • Microsoft 365 E1, E5

  • SharePoint Online P1, P2 specific features (like My worksplace or push notifications) require to have Microsoft Teams license assigned to users.
If you want to store videos internally in your Office 365 subscription, users must also have the Microsoft Stream license assigned.

Yes, in both versions you need to have an active Azure subscription.
In the "Self hosted" version all the code and features of are installed on your Azure subscription.
In the "SaaS" solution you will only need to enable Azure Cognitive Services.
In both cases we will give you an estimate of Azure consumption.

No, we believe in the power of the cloud.

how the intranet works

Product features

Some technical information before using your brand new intranet.

In the "Self Hosted Service" version everything is installed inside your Office 365 and Azure subscription, so all costs for Office 365 licenses and the Azure consumption are managed by your company, together with all maintenance.
In the "Saas" version, we deliver the service to you.
In both versions, you will use your SharePoint Online instance for your intranet with our features installed on it. This means that all sites, content, files, pages and analytics data are archived in your environment with security managed by your IT admin.
Take a look at the comparison table.


Everything is stored on your SharePoint Online instance.

Yes, but only with the SaaS version. If you choose the Self hosted version, we will help you  install it using automation scripts.

Yes you can. We are based on the permissions model of SharePoint Online, so you can configure permissions on sites, libraries, lists, elements and files.
You can grant administration power to specific users for each department, to a specific group of people to manage announcements and news or to your HR people to access "My profile" and manage job postings.

Yes they can! features are designed to be mobile-ready so your intranet can be viewed wherever you are, from the office, home or on the go.

Yes you can! No one of our intranets are the same.
You can choose the name of the intranet, apply your company logo and choose colors. Then we have some themes you can choose for additional personalization. is natively integrated with Google Analytics. You can specifiy the tracking code of your copmany GA account and access analytics directly from there.
If you purchase the Intranet analytics addon, you will be able to access monitoring data of your intranet using a PowerBI report.

Yes definetly

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