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Options for your SharePoint intranet is designed for enterprises of all sizes, allowing you to build your intranet in half the time and for half the cost. Examine our options and choose the one that best meets your requirements.

Business Plan Enterprise Plan Premium Plan Diamond Plan
Intranet max users
Maximum number of users that will access the intranet
0 - 300 300+ 5000+ For all kind of companies
Microsoft Viva integration
The employee experience platform
Intelligent Search
A cutting edge intranet search engine integrated in SharePoint
Company themes
Choose from a variety of themes for your intranet's design
Company news
Publish news, inform employees and create engaging content
Company alerts
Share news to all company people or specific groups
Company events
Share important events to all company people
Company documents
A quick access to all the documents organized in the way you need
Company apps
Get access to the full list of the available apps for daily work
Team push notifications
Bring intranet content to employees in real-time using Teams
People directory
Find information about your colleagues and company structure
My apps
A quick way to archive and access your personal links
My workplace
Manage projects and collaborate with colleagues using Microsoft 365
Google analytics
Native integration with Google Analytics to track intranet visitors
My profile
A tool for getting to know your coworkers better
Intranet themes
Choose from a variety of available themes
Intranet tour
Help the adoption of your intranet with a guided tour
Company departments
An opportunity for each department to present itself and its content
Company media
Easily share company photos and videos through the intranet
Company FAQ page
The most Frequently Asked Questions in your company
Multilanguage intranet
Bring people from different countries and languages together in one space
Organizational chart
The tool designed to make the organization of your company more effective
Job posting
A tool for HR to manage the internal recruitment process
Content Translation
Automatically translate the content of your intranet.
Company Locations
Create an interactive map to locate your company's facilities.
Graphics utilities (quotes, custom backgrounds and others)
For an even more personalized intranet.
Intranet with more than 5000 users
Available Add-ons
Intranet analytics
Detailed analytics of your intranet usage
Addon Addon Addon
Resource management software
A highly adaptable tool
Addon Addon Addon
Ticketing system via Teams
Send and manage support requests directly from the Microsoft Teams app.
Addon Addon Addon
Intelligent groups
Group people based on their properties
Addon Addon Addon
Document management system
Manage and protect documents in just a few clicks.
Addon Addon Addon
Onboarding TBD TBD TBD TBD

Compare hosting options

Intranet as a service or Self Hosted service?

Do you want to host and operate your own intranet, or would you prefer go live without investing in infrastructure? Choose the best choice for your company.

The hassle-free solution


Because we believe in the power of the cloud, we provide a software-as-a-service solution that is fully integrated with SharePoint Online. You can save money on infrastructure and maintenance by delegating infrastructure monitoring and staying on top of new features.

Store and manage your resources

Self Hosted

Our intranet-in-a-box can be installed in your Azure infrastructure to maintain everything within the company perimeter. You can choose the best solution for your needs.


Compare both plans

The following comparison table allows you to easily identify what's included and what's extra for each plan. If you need more information,don't wait around, contact us!


Saas Self Hosted
Business Plan
For smaller companies with < 300 users
€ 3650 yearly € 2450 yearly (+ Azure)
Enterprise Plan
For bigger companies with > 300 users
€ 5650 yearly € 4450 yearly (+ Azure)
Extended pack
Addition of 3 extra features of your choice to Business and Enterprise plans.
€ +1000 /year € +1000 /year
Premium Plan
For companies with more than 5000 users
(coming soon) € 8450 /year (+ Azure)
Diamond Plan
Intranet e add-ons included
(coming soon) Contact us! (+ Azure)
Use of your Microsoft 365 subscription
The intranet will be create inside your SharePoint Online instance
Bug Fix
Annual support for the resolution of any malfunctions
Updates and new features
Packages with new features
Support throughout the installation
Support to install the solution within your tenant
Intranet specialist
Support for creating the information infrastructure of the intranet.
€ 70/hour € 70/hour
Microsoft 365 specialist
Support for digitizing your processes with Microsoft tools.
€ 70/hour € 70/hour
Intranet Manager as a Service
Support in managing the intranet
€ 70/hour € 70/hour
Internal Communication as a Service
Support in content creation
€ 70/hour € 70/hour
Ad Hoc Initiatives
Activities created based on company’s needs
To be defined based on the activity To be defined based on the activity

Compare the addons you can add to your plan


Saas Self Hosted
Intranet analytics
Measure the performance of your intranet
(coming soon) € 5850/year
(+Azure consumption according to use)
Resource Management Software
Meeting rooms, parking lots, desks, projectors bookings... for all companies
€ 4950/year € 4450/year
(+ Azure consumption according to use)
Intelligent groups
Automatic group management for all companies
(coming soon) € 2450/year
Microsoft Ticketing System
Service desk for managing support requests, via Teams.
€ 2150/year € 1750/year
(+ Azure consumption according to use)
Document management System
Solution for managing the lifecycle of documents in the company.
(coming soon) € 4450/year
(+ Azure consumption according to use)
Use of Microsoft 365 subscription
Features that can be enjoyed through your SharePoint and your Teams
Bug fix
Support to any malfunctions
Updates and new features
Packages with new features
Support throughout the installation
Support to install the solution within your tenant


In the following table, we have summarized the costs related to Azure

Saas Self Hosted
Use of intranet core functionality
- € 100/month
Intelligent search - Adding single language
Using the Q&A functionality in an additional language
€ 50/month 1 € 50/month 1
Intranet analytics
Storage of intranet usage data
- ~ €260/month 2
Resource reservation
Solution usage data storage.
- € 50/month
Document management system
Solution usage data storage.
- € 60/month3
Ticketing system via Teams
Solution usage data storage.
- € 100/month4
Ticketing system via Teams – Chatbot
Use of the Azure Q&A system.
€ 50/month1 € 50/month1


  1. If the customer has already used QNAMaker within their subscription, the cost will also apply to the default language of the intranet.

  2. In the case of configuring a reserved instance on Azure for Azure Data Explorer, the cost drops to around €200/month.

  3. In the case of purchasing, the cost drops to €0/month.

  4. In the case of purchasing, the cost drops to €30/month.

What is

It's the ready-to-use SharePoint intranet,
designed to reduce costs and implementation time.

  • Starting price is 2.450€ for a fully-featured intranet.
  • More than 25 features, including Intelligent Search, Document Management, Company News, and Teams Push Notifications.
  • 100% integrated with Microsoft 365, Viva, and Power Platform.