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Options for your SharePoint intranet is built for business, be it small or large, so that you can easily create your intranet, spending only half the time and money. Check out our plans and choose the one that best that fits you.

Business Plan Enterprise Plan
Intranet max users
Maximum number of users that will access the intranet
0 - 300 300+
Intelligent Search
A cutting edge intranet search engine integrated in SharePoint
Company theme
The theme of your intranet will reflect the company branding
Company news
Publish news, inform employees and create engaging content
Company alerts
Share news to the all company people or specific groups
Company events
Share important events to all company people
Company documents
A quick access to all the documents organized in the way you need
Company apps
Get access to the full list of applications available for daily work
People directory
Find information about your colleagues and company structure
Team push notifications
Bring intranet contents to employees in real-time using Teams
My apps
A quick way to archive and access your personal links
My profile
A tool for better knowing people, the real value of your company
My workplace
Manage projects and collaborate with colleagues using Microsoft 365
Google analytics
Native integration with Google Analytics for tracking intranet visits
Intranet themes
Choose between the different themes available
Intranet tour
Help the adoption of your intranet with a guided tour
Company departments
An opportunity for each department to present itself and its contents
Company media
Easily share company photos and videos through the intranet
Job postings
A tool for HR to manage the internal recruitment process
Multilanguage intranet
Collect people from different legal entities, countries or locations
Available Addons
Intranet analytics
Detailed analytics of your intranet usage
Intelligent groups
Group people based on their properties

Compare hosting options

Intranet as a service or Managed service?

Do you want to host and maintain the intranet yourself or do you prefer to go-live without infrastructure costs? Choose the best option for your company.


The no-hassle solution


We believe in the power of the cloud so we offer our customers a software-as-service solution, integrated with your SharePoint Online. You can cut out infrastructure and maintenance costs, delegate infrastructure monitoring and always stay up to date with new features

Store and manage your resources

Managed Service

Our intranet in-a-box can be installed in your Azure infrastructure at the same time to keep everything in the company. You can choose the best solution for your needs.


Compare both plans

The following comparison table allows you to easily identify what's included and what's extra for each plan. If you need more information,don't wait around, contact us!


Saas Managed Service
Business Plan
For smaller companies with < 300 users
€ 3650 yearly € 2450 yearly
Enterprise Plan
For bigger companies with > 300 users
€ 5650 yearly € 4450 yearly
Use of your Microsoft 365 subscription
The intranet will be create inside your SharePoint Online instance
You can use our components by yourself thanks to technical articles and documents
New features updates
The possibility to install solution updates and give your users new capabilities
Self-service installation
With a SaaS intranet you can do everything by your self, thanks to our documentation.
Check options available
Installation support
Our SharePoint experts will install the intranet inside your Microsoft 365 subscription
Check options available
Configuration support
Our SharePoint experts will give you support to configure your intranet
Check options available Check options available

Need more info?

We are here to help! Just get in touch with us or read the FAQs.