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Create and manage support requests with
Microsoft Teams and its real-time collaboration features.

Ticketing System:
why your company needs it?

Our help desk service integrates with Microsoft Teams.

Users can create and manage support requests without leaving the app.

Operators can quickly find solutions by communicating in real-time with colleagues.

Servizio di help desk integrato con Microsoft Teams

Integration with
Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Ticketing System is a personal app that allows you to submit support requests without interrupting your work in the Microsoft Teams app.

It provides features such as chat and video calls to communicate with operators from every department and resolve company issues in real-time.

Categorizzare le richieste di supporto con il servizio di help desk per Microsoft Teams

Categorized requests

Our help desk system enables you to create categories and subcategories to route tickets to the relevant department.

Use the free text area and attachments section to specify requests in more detail. This way, you can include the information and documents necessary to help operators understand the situation and how to intervene to resolve it.

Personalizzare e automatizzare il servizio di help desk per Microsoft Teams

Customization and automation

Set the number of operators, users with app access, tickets to manage, and many other system properties.

From the back-end, you can create ready-to-use responses to address common requests and link Power Automate automations to specific events within the app. You can also customize ticket progress statuses and notifications to be sent whenever they change.

Microsoft Ticketing System:
what are the benefits?

Our help desk service is available at a fixed price.

You can increase the number of operators for each department according to your company's needs without additional costs.

Benefici dei ticket di supporto via Teams per gli utenti

Benefits for users

Users can request support without interrupting the conversation and work flow in Microsoft Teams.

They can create a ticket in seconds and follow the progress of their requests with the built-in push notification system in the app.

Benefici dei ticket di supporto via Teams per gli operatori

Benefits for operators

With our feature, operators from every department can:

  • Customize tickets to address requests
  • Inform colleagues with automated push notifications
  • Provide real-time support
  • Create quick responses for common requests
  • Access statistics to monitor ticket management

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