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Go beyond the limits of your intranet

An intranet is not a ready-made product but
a custom-made system that is constantly evolving.

Here are more than 25 features to bring your intranet to life!

Integration with Microsoft Viva

Integrated with Viva

The new Microsoft suite dedicated to the employee experience is included, from e-learning to personal performance analysis.

Intelligent search

Intelligent Search

A cutting-edge intranet search engine that understands users' language and navigates their Microsoft digital workplace.

Intranet Templates

Intranet Templates

The complete package that will help you enhance your company branding, from graphics to color palettes.

Company news

Company News

Design, compose, and publish newsletters and blog posts targeting your audience's needs and tastes.

Company alerts

Company Alerts

Push notifications that will reach your intranet users on all their screens and let them know the latest news.



The feature that will help you organize meetings, promote corporate events, and share tasks with your colleagues.

Document Manager

Document Manager

The management system developed to store, share, and index business documents from one place in your intranet.

Company apps

Company Apps

The public area where your company suggests users useful materials and apps for their daily activities.

Teams push notifications

Teams Push Notifications

Tailored push notifications that can reach your colleagues on Microsoft Teams and measure their engagement.

People directory

Intranet Contacts

The intelligent people directory that will help you find, save and communicate with all your colleagues.

My apps

My Apps

A personal area where only you can collect and organize files, apps, and content you want to keep at hand.

My workplace

My Workplace

Bring together your Teams groups, create new ones with special features, and manage your personal profile.

My Profile

My Profile

The indexed profile that lets you express your personality besides your professional skills.

Intranet tour

Intranet Tour

Learn how to use your intranet step by step with our dynamic and customizable guide.

Company departments

Company Departments

The vertical sites dedicated to your company's departments, their news, and documents.

Company media

Company Media

Strengthen your corporate storytelling through engaging videos, podcasts, and carousels.



The SharePoint web part that collects, indexes, and makes public the answers to your company's FAQs.

Multilingual intranet

Multilingual Intranet

Deliver your intranet users content that is based on their browsing language.

Organizational Chart

Org Chart

The interactive map of the people who work with you integrated with your intranet's people directory.


Job Posting

The area devoted to your HR team to find and enhance the talents within the company.

Intranet analytics

Intranet Analytics

The tool to measure your intranet's performance and its users' engagement.

Dynamic groups

Dynamic Groups

The feature that allows you to create digital working teams similar to Azure AD.

Resource booking

Resource Booking System

Schedule and reserve your company resources, from meeting halls to the cafeteria's daily menus.

Ticketing system

Ticketing System

Open, send, and manage support tickets without leaving your Microsoft Teams app.

SharePoint Translation

SharePoint Translation

Translate your content quickly, safely, and precisely with our AI-based technology.

Company Locations

Company Locations

The dynamic map that will help you explore your company offices, from local time to their role in the organization.

Clear price, no surprises

Your intranet can be ready in 24 hours from €2450/year.
Choose among Business, Enterprise, Premium, or Diamond plans, depending on the size of your business.
We will configure everything you need, from the number of apps to the integrations with Microsoft 365 tools.

Choose the plan that suits you best offers you four different plans and two different types of installation to create your next corporate intranet.

Choose the option that best suits your needs.

Business Plan Enterprise Plan Premium Plan Diamond Plan
Intranet max users
Maximum number of users that will access the intranet
0 - 300 300+ 5000+ For all kind of companies
Microsoft Viva integration
The employee experience platform
Intelligent Search
A cutting edge intranet search engine integrated in SharePoint
Company themes
Choose from a variety of themes for your intranet's design
Company news
Publish news, inform employees and create engaging content
Company alerts
Share news to all company people or specific groups
Company events
Share important events to all company people
Company documents
A quick access to all the documents organized in the way you need
Company apps
Get access to the full list of the available apps for daily work
Team push notifications
Bring intranet content to employees in real-time using Teams
People directory
Find information about your colleagues and company structure
My apps
A quick way to archive and access your personal links
My workplace
Manage projects and collaborate with colleagues using Microsoft 365
Google analytics
Native integration with Google Analytics to track intranet visitors
My profile
A tool for getting to know your coworkers better
Intranet themes
Choose from a variety of available themes
Intranet tour
Help the adoption of your intranet with a guided tour
Company departments
An opportunity for each department to present itself and its content
Company media
Easily share company photos and videos through the intranet
Company FAQ page
The most Frequently Asked Questions in your company
Multilanguage intranet
Bring people from different countries and languages together in one space
Organizational chart
The tool designed to make the organization of your company more effective
Job posting
A tool for HR to manage the internal recruitment process
Content Translation
Automatically translate the content of your intranet.
Company Locations
Create an interactive map to locate your company's facilities.
Graphics utilities (quotes, custom backgrounds and others)
For an even more personalized intranet.
Intranet with more than 5000 users
Available Add-ons
Intranet analytics
Detailed analytics of your intranet usage
Addon Addon Addon
Resource management software
A highly adaptable tool
Addon Addon Addon
Ticketing system via Teams
Send and manage support requests directly from the Microsoft Teams app.
Addon Addon Addon
Intelligent groups
Group people based on their properties
Addon Addon Addon
Document management system
Manage and protect documents in just a few clicks.
Addon Addon Addon
Onboarding TBD TBD TBD TBD

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Discover all of the ways you can use the intranet to develop your business


With intranet and Microsoft 365 technologies, our intranet solutions provide a variety of ways to boost communication.

You can create ads and alerts, target communications to all employees or select groups, and, with Microsoft Teams push notifications, reach users wherever they are and in real time.


You can quickly build a digital workplace with and give users the capabilities for internal project collaboration, cross-departmental communication, and document storage to boost team productivity.

Company branding

Because it represents the corporate culture, each intranet is distinct from the others.

The company theme will be used on the front page and content sections of our integrated intranet, giving users a consistent experience.

What is

It's the ready-to-use SharePoint intranet,
designed to reduce costs and implementation time.

  • Starting price is 2.450€ for a fully-featured intranet.
  • More than 25 features, including Intelligent Search, Document Management, Company News, and Teams Push Notifications.
  • 100% integrated with Microsoft 365, Viva, and Power Platform.

Display of updated employee profile
Improve communication with your intranet's people directory

Find and communicate with your colleagues using a range of customized searches such as professional title, department, and expertise.

Intelligent search function for finding and accessing business documents
With Intelligent Search, you can help your employees locate what they need right away


The search engine that expands Sharepoint's core functions.

It allows you to swiftly retrieve content inside and outside your intranet, reaching the integrated Microsoft 365 workspace.

Our document management system is designed to work with Microsoft 365

The essential intranet tool for quick access to all of the platform's documents.

Organize your company's files in searchable, well-organized digital archives.

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