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Business plan

Core intranet features

Choose the Business plan now and instantly activate the following features.

efficient intranet communications with messages, videos and chats


Our features offer several ways to improve your communication via intranet and Microsoft 365 tools. You can create announcements and alerts, target communications to all employees or specific groups and reach users wherever they are, in real-time, using push notifications on Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft 365 intranet running on a pc


With you can easily create the company digital workplace and give users tools for internal collaboration on projects, between people from different departments, document archival to increase team productivity.
Maximize your investment in Microsoft 365.

Personalize the corporate intranet to reflect the company's values

Company branding

No one intranet is the same as another, because each one reflects company culture. With our intranet in-a-box, the home page and all content pages will inherit the company theme, offering all users the same experience.

Intranet solutions accessible from all mobile devices

Mobile ready

Access the company intranet wherever you are (in the office, at home or on the move), at any time and on any device, work or personal, with security afforded by the Microsoft 365 platform.

Access to intranet tools from the mobile app

Company apps

Your intranet can be configured to be the first place to access and find all the applications, contents and services available for every employee. You can organize the tools based on your needs.

Intranet with tools enhanced by artificial intelligence

Intelligent search

You can leaverage a cutting edge intranet search engine to enhance the default search capabilities of SharePoint Online and let employees quickly find what really matters for their daily work.

Enterprise plan

Advanced intranet features

Choose the Enterprise plan and immediately activate the following features.

Translated content for an intranet accessible in all languages

Multi language

With you can create your brand new multilingual intranet and connect people from different legal entities, countries or locations. Easily create content in local languages in no time, thanks to the super powers of Artificial Intelligence.

intranet data and statistics managed by the integration with Google Analytics

Intranet analytics

Our solution let's you monitor intranet usage, understand what are the most searched terms, downloaded documents, viewed announcements, updated profiles etc. with anonymous analytics categorized by persona.

Company organization chart and department structure

Company structure

With a single solution, you can publish the structure of your company and let each department present itself and all its content created for colleagues.

intranet dynamic guides and tours for self-learning

Quick adoption

With a guided, dynamic tour, employees can easily understand the new features of your intranet and save the time usually wasted on the adoption. No training or documentation! 

Solutions to improve the efficiency of the human resources department

HR intranet comes with ready-to-go solutions for your company's Human Resource department to easily manage internal job postings and access employees' digital CVs.

Pages dedicated to sharing videos and images

Share media

Our solution has a specific feature that allows the publication of videos or image galleries via intranet. You can share company values with cracking visual content or engage employees in e-learning. plans

Choose what suits best to you

We have two different plans available and two ways to install our solution to build your next intranet, take your time and choose the best option for your needs.

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