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Job Posting is the dedicated area on the SharePoint intranet for HRs.

It helps quickly find ideal candidates for open positions and
identify the skills needed for the company's continued growth.


SharePoint Job Posting:
why your company needs it?

Our feature empowers the HR department to leverage internal talents.

It simplifies the candidate search within the intranet and offers users new opportunities for career advancement or changing their roles within the company.

What are the benefits for HRs?

Gestione semplificata delle competenze con la intranet SharePoint

Simplified management

Publish open positions on the intranet. Share requirements and deadlines with all departments. They will be informed directly on the homepage.

Gestione dei candidati alle posizioni aperte nella intranet SharePoint

Candidate management

Job Posting allows the HR team to view candidate profiles for each position, assess the information available, and monitor engagement with posts.

Integrazione con Il mio profilo per la intranet SharePoint

Integration with My Profile

Job Posting integrates with My Profile, enabling users to apply for open positions using their personal SharePoint intranet profiles.

Archivio delle offerte di lavoro nella intranet SharePoint

Job offers archive

Job Posting provides the HR team access to its back-end. From here, you can track active listings, view closed positions, and create new listings based on previous ones.

Vantaggi per i dipendenti

Benefits for the employees

Users can apply for open positions and utilize the intranet to fulfill their career ambitions.

The company will strengthen its relationship with employees and foster their growth. The HR team will have the right tool to boost morale, engagement, and satisfaction among personnel.


Vantaggi per il team HR

Benefits for HRs

Human Resources can take months to find the right person, especially when the process is conducted externally.

With Job Posting, they can save time by tapping into the skills already present within the company to fill vacant positions.

Simplify your HR work
with the SharePoint intranet

Human Resources can have the space to manage colleagues' applications for internal positions published on the intranet.

The company can ensure that the HR team has direct access to employees' personal profiles to assess applications using a continuously updated digital CV.

Build a dynamic and rewarding work environment.

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