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Our services

We help you get the most out of your investment.

Configuration of the intranet and the integrated Microsoft 365 environment.

Digitalization of processes and integration with company software.

Internal communication management and content creation in line with the corporate brand.

Comprehensive support
to build your company's digital workplace


Prior to the go-live.

Let's build your SharePoint intranet and digital workplace together.

We make our solutions operational within 24 hours of purchase.

In the following weeks, we configure the intranet and customize its design according to your needs.

We integrate company software and create automated workflows to enhance user productivity.

We train administrators and users.

We organize online consultancy sessions to teach you how to independently manage the new digital workplace.

We offer micro-learning content to delve into the details of Microsoft 365 products and make the most of your licenses.

We engage the corporate audience.

We ensure that your investment doesn't go unnoticed.

You can choose from targeted newsletters, gamification initiatives, pop-up videos, and much more to promote the portal's launch.

After the go-live.

Together, we improve the results achieved with your SharePoint intranet.

We monitor user engagement to understand their needs and build the ideal digital workplace for their activities.

We take care of updating features and content.

We create reports to always provide you with a comprehensive overview of the portal's performance and health.

We nurture users' interest.

We populate the intranet with new content and special initiatives, listening to feedback and ideas from the corporate community.

Productivity, well-being, and innovation will continue to grow even years after the go-live.

Technical services


We create the best digital workplace to optimize your company's processes, reducing inefficiencies and consumption.


We manage the transition of users, data, and management systems to the new Microsoft 365 digital work environment.


We expand the solution's functionalities with new components that are easy to manage and use.

The complete SharePoint intranet
integrated with Microsoft 365
starting from 3,650 €/year
is the solution to reduce

costs and implementation time for your
SharePoint intranet and integrated Microsoft 365 environment.

What our customers say about us

The experience of those who have worked with us is our best introduction card.

Just what I was looking for

The project development was enjoyable, stimulating, and rewarding. The staff was always very helpful.

Francesca Engineer
Professionalism and empathy towards the customer

A young, smart company that is very customer-oriented. A friendly, collaborative, yet always professional relationship is established right away. I hope to start other projects with the team.

Giuseppe Project Manager
Serious professionals who bring value

They allowed us to replace our old intranet in an agile and modern way, seamlessly integrating it with our Office 365 environment.

Marco Network Manager
The importance of a global intranet

Very satisfied with the product, the company, and the people who supported us in installation and configuration.

Marcello IT Application Manager
Efficient service for great software

The need was to create a global intranet that would allow us to share information, content, and data among the various branches of the company worldwide. The tool enabled us to achieve this goal in record time.

Sebastian Digital Innovation Manager


We offer educational content on SharePoint intranet features and Microsoft 365 products to increase the adoption of the digital workplace and make the most of your licenses.

We customize the service based on the topics chosen by the company, transforming each requested theme into a monthly communication campaign that features videos, GIFs, images, and quick-reference texts for easy consultation and implementation.

Intranet promotion

We involve users in the portal's launch by creating multimedia content that unveils project details and spark curiosity in the two weeks leading up to the go-live.

Our content guides users through the key features of the digital workplace to ensure greater adoption and productivity.

User Engagement

We organize gamification initiatives to maintain user engagement.

Our offering includes:

  • Prize quizzes to test knowledge;
  • Treasure hunts to discover the intranet's secrets, including features, services, and content;
  • Dedicated areas for colleagues' stories, to get to know each other and strengthen corporate culture.

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The complete solution to scale down costs and implementation time for your SharePoint intranet and integrated Microsoft 365 environment.

  • Smart and ready-to-use SharePoint intranet, from 3,650 €/year.
  • Fully integrated with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Viva.
  • With 50+ vertical features to enhance your company's communication and processes, with no additional development costs.