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Our articles on the SharePoint Intranet

Here are lots of articles on the SharePoint intranet full of tips and ideas to enhance your digital work environment.

Choose from different topics based on your business needs and let our experts guide you.

Company intranet: 20 ideas to grow it in 2024

See what the intranet can offer your company. Our experts suggest 20 ideas to maximize its potential.

Company onboarding: a definition and some practical examples to use

What is onboarding? Why is it important for the company? Here are some examples to correctly implement it in the company to get maximum benefits!

Employee engagement: everything you need to know in 2024

What is employee engagement? How does it help companies?

Let's see in this article how to optimize it and what results it brings to businesses, with 6 innovative solutions suitable for any company in any market.

Hr portal: 7 ideas on how to implement it

The intranet is the digital space that offers innovative tools to improve the work of all departments of each company.

This article will explain how human resources can use the platform to facilitate the processes of their daily activities, improving the employee experience of the worker.

Here are 7 ideas that every SharePoint intranet should consider implementing to best support the worker.

Business apps: the 10 most used ones in 2024

Discover 10 of the most used business apps to learn about digital workplace benefits.

SharePoint blog: how to set it up for the intranet

Are you tickled by the idea of a corporate blog? With SharePoint you'll set up sparkling showcases of news and articles! Here's how to do it...

SharePoint corporate newsletter: how to write it in 9 steps

9 steps, one tool: Ready to create your latest corporate news with SharePoint?

SharePoint layout: here's how to customize your intranet

How do you customize the layout of a SharePoint intranet? With our short guide!

Corporate Storytelling: How to write for your SharePoint intranet

Want to increase corporate audience engagement? Discover the art of storytelling to tell your latest news!

Do you want to read more about how to enhance your SharePoint company intranet?


Extranet: what is it?

The extranet is the digital meeting place between the company and its suppliers, distributors, and customers. Find out how it makes a difference in the organization.

cms intranet

CMS Intranet: how does it help companies?

The content management system of the intranet is the means for companies to better manage the circulation of content in the organization.


Teamwork: how to enhance it?

How to strengthen teamwork? The intranet is the natural space for collaboration between teams. Find out more.

Intranet meaning

Intranet: what does it mean?

What is the intranet and what does it mean for the company? We have prepared an article to find out. 

intranet: what is it?

Intranet: What it is and why your company needs it

What is the intranet? Why is it a strong point for companies? 

HR intranet: 5 benefits for human resourses

HR intranet: 5 benefits for human resources

We have selected 5 of the many benefits that can increase performance during remote working.

Digital workspace: the intranet for your company

Digital workspace: the intranet for your company

What features do you need to be able to bring success to your company? Which aspects are important?

Internal communication with Microsoft 365 intranet

Internal communication with Microsoft 365 intranet

Learn how to use Microsoft 365 tools to improve communication in your company.


All about Micorsoft 365 new features

Here are all our articles to keep up with the most important news of the Microsoft 365 suite.

Explore all the benefits of platforms and get the most out of your browsing experience.


Microsoft Viva: Everything you need to know

Discover Microsoft Viva's new features and its 4 components, from Viva Connections to Viva Learning!

7 features that make a SharePoint Intranet your best option in 2024

SharePoint Online is an intranet and content management system with several tools.

Create your business website to be at the forefront of business management.

Let’s see better what it offers and what features are important in 2024!


SharePoint Online VS SharePoint On-Premise

Sharepoint is a Microsoft tool developed for workplace collaboration and is mainly used for content management, electronic document management, and knowledge sharing in the company. SharePoint is a centralized, secure platform where work teams can collaborate, optimize data management and increase efficiency.

There are two versions of SharePoint: SharePoint Online and SharePoint Server (On-premise). Both can be useful depending on the prospects of the company and on the basis of the business.

What is the best version of SharePoint for your business needs? Find out how to choose the best version of Sharepoint to make your company's workflows more efficient!


Microsoft Teams app: what it is and how to use it for your business teams

Become a Microsoft Teams pro! Here's everything you need to know from features to the latest news.


Yammer: the corporate social network

What is Yammer? Why do businesses use it so much? Yammer is the Microsoft app that introduces the social network as an integral part of your company's collaboration and communication strategy.


Microsoft 365: what it is and what it can bring to the company

Microsoft 365 is the portal that allows access to innovative and efficient tools for business performance. This powerful platform can make working remotely collaborative, efficient, and an advantage for businesses.

Let's see what it offers.


What is OneDrive and how it works: Microsoft cloud storage

What is cloud storage, and how does it work? Let's find out!



Microsoft Lists: what they are and how they can help your company

Lists is a Microsoft 365 app that helps you organize your work and keep track of information. Learn more about it.

Discover more to make the most of your Microsoft 365 subscription in the company

Microsoft 365 portals for your business

Microsoft 365 portals for your business

The Office 365 portals are the springboard for innovative and quality business digitization. In this article, we show you 3 portals that represent a pivotal point: SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, and Yammer.

SharePoint template for your intranet

SharePoint template for your intranet

Have you created a page and want to give it to your colleagues as a template? Need to create a new page but don't know how to get started?

Find out how to use SharePoint templates!

Google Workspace vs Microsoft 365

Google Workspace vs Microsoft 365

Google Workspace or Microsoft 365? Find out which solution best suits your business.

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