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Microsoft 365 articles to boost your corporate intranet

Find all our articles to keep up with the most important news of the Microsoft 365 suite.

Explore all the benefits of the platforms and maximize your browsing experience.



Microsoft 365: everything you need to know

Microsoft 365 is the next step in the evolution of the digital workplace: find out what it is, what it contains, and how it differs from Office 365 here!

7 features that make a SharePoint Intranet your best option in 2023

Find out what SharePoint is and how it can help you digitalize your business! 

SharePoint Designer: How to use it for your SharePoint sites

SharePoint Designer is the app for designing SharePoint sites, from layout to automated workflows. Find out more in our article!

SharePoint VS OneDrive: What is the difference?

Two cloud storage systems with many similarities, but one big difference. Let's find out together what distinguishes SharePoint from OneDrive!

OneDrive: How Microsoft's cloud storage works

OneDrive is just the tool every business needs: Store, edit and share your work files with all your colleagues on any device!

SharePoint Teams: All the features of the Microsoft 365 signature duo

Discover the functionality of one of the most beloved Microsoft 365 combos!

Microsoft Teams app: What it is and how to use it for your business teams

Become a Microsoft Teams pro! From features to the latest news, here's everything you need to know.

Microsoft Teams meetings: 6 insights to make them work best

Here's the mini guide to light-heartedly tackling the most embarrassing problems of Microsoft Teams meetings!

Microsoft Viva: Everything you need to know

Discover Microsoft Viva's new features and its 4 components, from Viva Connections to Viva Learning!

Microsoft Viva Learning: How to bring enterprise training to Teams

Viva Learning is the Teams app that will enable your company to revolutionize the training of its people. How? Let's find out together!

Microsoft Forms: How to create smart questionnaires in 6 steps

Learn all the secrets of Forms to get useful data and unexpected insights with its smart questionnaires!

Microsoft Planner, SharePoint and Teams: How and why to integrate them

Integrate Microsoft Planner, SharePoint and Teams to manage your projects in detail and with ease!

Microsoft Loop: What it is and why it is going to change digital work

Loop is the new Microsoft 365 app, still in the experimental phase. What will it lead to? Find out in our article!

Microsoft Lists: what they are and how they can help your company

Lists is a Microsoft 365 app that helps you organize your work and keep track of information. Learn more about it.


Yammer: the corporate social network

Yammer is the corporate social network that facilitates communication and exchange of information between people.

microsoft 365 portals

Microsoft 365 portals for your business

Access your digital workplace anytime wherever you are. Find all the work tools you need.

SharePoint Online VS SharePoint On-Premise: which should you choose?

Find out which version of Sharepoint can be most useful to your company.

SharePoint template for your intranet

SharePoint intranet templates are used to provide solution templates to other websites or to coordinate the layout of the company's sites. Find out more.

g suite vs microsoft 365

Google Workspace vs Microsoft 365

Google Workspace or Microsoft 365? Find out which is the most suitable solution for your company.

sharepoint templates

New layout options for SharePoint Online

Working with an intelligent and attractive design is always a plus.
Discover the news of Sharepoint.

SharePoint and business communication

What is SharePoint Online and how can it be used in the company?

microsoft teams

Microsoft Teams: enhanced company collaboration

Learn how to strengthen business collaboration through the use of Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft 365 Saas VS On-Premise

Which Software Is Right For You?