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How to use Microsoft 365 Copilot in PowerPoint

Microsoft 365 Copilot helps save time in creating PowerPoint presentations, enabling professionals and businesses to increase their productivity and creativity.

Copilot in PowerPoint can serve not only to create presentations from business documents, but also to improve the exposition of topics, generate new content, and get quick summaries of presentations shared by colleagues. In this article, let's see how to use Microsoft 365 Copilot in the PowerPoint app.

Introduction to Microsoft 365 Copilot in PowerPoint

Microsoft 365 Copilot arrives in PowerPoint to simplify presentation design from conception to delivery.

Copilot can not only generate presentations complete with text and graphics, but also:

  • Give useful tips to presenters to expound on topics
  • Create new content from an existing presentation
  • Immediately find information of interest in shared presentations

It is therefore a valuable support for individual productivity.

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How to access Microsoft 365 Copilot in PowerPoint

From the PowerPoint interface, just select the "Copilot" item in the upper right to open the window with suggested prompts to create a new presentation and the chat where you can make custom requests.

Of course, only users with the right licenses can access the Copilot chat window in PowerPoint. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have the eligible Microsoft 365 licenses and the specific license for Microsoft 365 Copilot.


If you have any doubts about the eligibility of your licenses,
find all the information in the article dedicated to Microsoft 365 Copilot.

Key features of Microsoft 365 Copilot in PowerPoint

Microsoft 365 Copilot simplifies the process behind a presentation, from conception to public display. The time saved is around 30 minutes per day per single user who frequently uses PowerPoint, which translates into a rapid return on investment for the company and greater well-being for workers.

Here are which Copilot features in PowerPoint achieve this result.



Drafting presentations

Microsoft 365 Copilot can create a presentation from scratch based on the information it has within it about the requested topic, providing the flexibility to customize slide designs and refine textual content to align with the presentation's objectives.

Users can edit slides, already complete with text and graphics, either manually or through new prompts. For example, you can ask Copilot to suggest images more relevant to the topic of the slides or change the font used throughout the presentation.

You can also share your company's graphic templates so that your presentation is in line with the brand style.

In addition to slide creation, Microsoft 365 Copilot can give valuable support to users to better display presentations. It therefore proposes:

  • Helpful notes for the exposition of topics
  • Public speaking tips, to increase engagement

Whether on new PowerPoint decks or existing presentations, you can ask Copilot to help you organize your slides by automatically creating all the sections for each macro-topic in your presentation and grouping the various slides within it.

Do you need help bringing Copilot in your company?

With the adoption plan of, you can count on our support to maximize your investment in Microsoft 365 Copilot.
We will take care of setting up the digital workplace and show users how to use AI in the Microsoft 365 applications to increase their productivity and well-being.

You can also customize the adoption path by choosing from the following services:

  • Enterprise data migration to the Microsoft cloud
  • Content and security assessments
  • Training and community of practice
  • Analysis and development of custom extensions


Creating content from a document

Copilot in PowerPoint allows users to generate content based on existing documents.

The user can ask the AI to use a Word document for the creation of a new presentation and thus save the time needed to create it from scratch.

Copilot then reads the document, divides it into macro-topics and generates a slide for each of them. Each slide can be made of text only, text and images, or even text and tables. The images generated are always related to the content of the slide, but you can always ask Copilot to update them.

Copilot also creates the presentation using a template of its choice, but you can ask the IT administrator in your company to configure it to generate presentations from a corporate template.

However, there are some points of caution not to forget:

  • The longer a document is, the longer Copilot will take to create the presentation.
  • The language of the presentation will be in the same language as the original document. If you want to translate the content of the slides, you can use PowerPoint's translation feature.
  • Images in the Word document shared with Copilot will not be included in the slides, since AI currently works only on text.

Finally, the suggestion is to treat the result generated by Copilot as a draft to be rechecked and NOT as final content.



Information retrieval

Another important feature of Microsoft 365 Copilot in PowerPoint concerns information retrieval in shared presentations.

Copilot can analyze the contents of a presentation to provide a quick summary of information and answer users' questions. As always, it cites the slide with the information used in each answer so that users can verify its correctness and learn more about the topic.

Just remember that the search feature works only on text content, and not on images or other graphic forms.

Join our community and continue your training on Copilot in Microsoft 365

With's communities of practice, you can count on the support of our experts to maximize your investment in Microsoft 365 and Microsoft 365 Copilot.

Communities are dedicated training areas where people in the company can:

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To conclude, here is a summary table of Copilot's features in PowerPoint:


Key features of Microsoft 365 Copilot in PowerPoint


Feature of Copilot in PowerPoint Feature Description

Drafting presentations,
even from a document

Generate presentations from scratch or from business documents, already complete with customizable text and graphics.

Information retrieval

Analyzes presentations accessed by the user to provide a summary of information, answer questions, and transform data into new content.

What is is the ready-to-use corporate intranet, designed to reduce costs and implementation times, thus creating a collaborative and modern digital work environment:

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Giuseppe Marchi


Microsoft MVP for SharePoint and Microsoft 365 since 2010.

Giuseppe is the founder of and one of the leading experts in Italy in all matters related to Microsoft 365. For years, he has been assisting companies in creating their digital workplace environment on the Microsoft cloud, focusing on people's experience.

FAQs about Microsoft 365 Copilot in PowerPoint

What is Microsoft 365 Copilot in PowerPoint?

Microsoft 365 Copilot integrates into PowerPoint to streamline the design and creation of business presentations, offering presentation suggestions, creating related content, and retrieving relevant information for user queries.

How can I access Microsoft 365 Copilot in PowerPoint?

To access Copilot in PowerPoint, simply select the "Copilot" option at the top right of the command bar. This opens the conversation window, with suggested prompts and chat. Only users with appropriate licenses can access this feature.

What are the main features of Microsoft 365 Copilot in PowerPoint?

The main features of Copilot in PowerPoint include creating presentations complete with text and graphics, generating presentations from existing Word documents, and retrieving information to quickly analyze shared presentations.

What are the limitations of Microsoft 365 Copilot in PowerPoint?

Currently, Copilot only allows the generation of new presentations from Word documents and not from other PowerPoint presentations.

How can I get support for adopting Microsoft 365 Copilot in my company?

You can get support for Copilot adoption by contacting We offer customized services for data migration to the Microsoft cloud, security and permission assessment, user training, and extension development to enhance the features of Microsoft 365 Copilot. We also manage a Copilot practice community where you can ask any questions you need, receive answers from our experts, and access new content published every day.

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