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Our articles on the company intranet

Read the articles to understand the potential of your digital workplace.

You can choose from different topics according to your business needs.

Employee onboarding checklist

What is onboarding? What are the benefits it brings if enhanced?

Company intranet: what is it and 20 ideas to grow it in 2022

Find out what a company intranet is and what its capabilities are to empower your business.

HR intranet: 5 benefits for human resources

We have selected 5 of the many benefits that can increase performance during smartworking.

Cms intranet: Software solutions and suggestions for 2022

Companies can manage better the circulation of content in the organization with an intranet content management system.

Extranet software: the best use cases

The extranet is the digital meeting place between the company and its suppliers, distributors, customers. Find out how it makes a difference in the organization.

The 10 best apps for your business

Which company apps are preferred by businesses? Which ones are more popular? Discover 10 of them to learn about the benefits of a digital workplace.

Employee Engagement

How to involve employees even from a distance? We have selected 6 ideas that can inspire your employees.

The best intranets

Let's see what are the constant principles of the intranet that if respected with innovation or originality make the intranets the best.

Knowledge management: intranet tools

How does knowledge management in the company increase with the intranet?


How to enhance teamwork? The intranet is the natural space for team collaboration. Find out more.

Intranet: what it is and why it is necessary for your company

How does the intranet help companies? Find out how it empowers your organization.

Employee Experience

The intranet is the springboard to boost the employee experience.

Hr Portal

We see how human resources can use the intranet to facilitate the processes of their daily activities.

Intranet, an invaluable tool for your business

Find out the advantages of the intranet and how it can make your company more competitive.

Digital workspace: the intranet for your company

A digital workspace is an essential element for your business. Find out which are the 4 keys to a successful digital workspace.

Intranet collaboration tools

Through the intranet, you provide employees with all the tools they need for effective and engaging collaboration.

Global intranet

The intranet breaks down distances and language barriers. Collaborating and strengthening corporate identity between different areas is possible.

Document digitisation

Find out how the intranet brings up the level of your company with the digitization of documents.

Digital workplace solution

Learn how to improve your digital workplace in 10 steps through the intranet.

Internal communication with Microsoft 365 intranet

Learn how to use Microsoft 365 tools to improve communication in your company.