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Global intranet: your barrier-free portal

To date there are many companies with multiple offices around the globe.
If yours is one of these, the intranet effectively internationalises your company.

If you want a performance-orientated intranet for your digital work environment, you can have it with any contents and language you want.

Let's see how, with

The intranet is the reflection of your company

A multi-location company's intranet reflects its entire globality.
Through a single login, any employee, whatever their origin or language, can access the digital workplace.

Navigation, sites and pages will not only be the same for those who work in different company group locations, but also for those who live in different countries, or who carry out different business but for the same company.
News, announcements, translations or push notifications will reach recipients around the world in their language.

Possibilità di personalizzazione

Global collaboration

A company can find it challenging to establish collaboration and communication between people who work in multiple locations.
These factors are actually crucial for a functional company.

The intranet bridges distance and encourages corporate identity through its tools. The site is a single meeting point for the entire company, where various sized teams from different offices can collaborate.

How does it do that?

What is is the ready-to-use corporate intranet, designed to reduce costs and implementation times, thus creating a collaborative and modern digital work environment:

  • Initial price of 3,650 €/year for a complete intranet
  • 50+ applications, including advanced search, document management system, push notifications via Teams, personal profile, and FAQ pages
  • 100% integrated with SharePoint Online and Microsoft 365


The intranet breaks down language barriers

The digital workplace allows various company offices to connect and share useful information in their own language.

The use of tools such as Microsoft Teams, Live Events, Yammer, and other Microsoft 365 apps on the intranet, allow employees to connect with each other through content that is translated instantly.

Teams in all the various headquarters can stay updated, no one is left out and corporate identity is strengthened.

Processi agevolati con una multilingual intranet 

Processes made easy with a multilingual intranet

Starting with onboarding, business processes are more natural and simplified if each employee is able to approach the company as a whole without language barriers.

Microsoft 365 has transformed the apparent fragility of communication between different offices of large companies into a strategic strength.
You can even create the same websites in different languages on the intranet.

This means that employees from different locations can read, create and manage the same content in their preferred language.

They can see all intranet sites and manage personal sites in their own language. Collaborating and exploring content related to other companies is also possible in a fluid and natural way.

Do you want to know more?

We have been a professional team in the industry for more than 15 years.

We are ready to help you build an intelligent digital workplace to stimulate communication and internal processes in your company.

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Giuseppe Marchi


Microsoft MVP for SharePoint and Microsoft 365 since 2010.

Giuseppe is the founder of and one of the leading experts in Italy in all matters related to Microsoft 365. For years, he has been assisting companies in creating their digital workplace environment on the Microsoft cloud, focusing on people's experience.