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Our feature allows you to get to know your colleagues and
showcase your education, skills, and interests to
support the intranet's people directory.

Our component is a digital resume integrated with Microsoft Viva,
the platform dedicated to employee experience and
sharing corporate information.


Profilo personale degli utenti per la intranet SharePoint

The complete corporate profile for the intranet


Our personal profile is an intuitive feature that helps users get to know each other and stand out within their organization. Showcase your experiences, skills, and knowledge to make it easier for colleagues to find you.

  • View contact information.

View contact information retrieved from the people directory to get to know and reach out to all the people in the company.

  • Make it known who you are and what you can do.

Add information that tells your work story, experience, skills, and passions that define you. Show your personality and connect with people in the company who share your interests.

  • Add your language certifications.

Let the company know about your language skills and highlight them with your CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) certifications.

  • You decide what to share.

Our feature allows you to choose which information to share with Human Resources and what to display to the intranet audience.

  • Customize profile fields .

Intranet managers can configure our feature to display the user properties they prefer in the profile. Information is retrieved from the people directory.

SharePoint User Profile
for HR teams

Our feature transforms HR work.

It helps to get to know all the people in the company and promotes the creation of a healthy work environment where you can exchange not only roles and responsibilities but also hobbies and personal interests.

Human Resources have access to a Power BI report that gathers information from all intranet profiles, making it easier to search for internal skills and talents.

What are the benefits for HRs?

Getting to Know People in the Company Better

Getting to know people in the company better

The HR team will be able to obtain more detailed information about employees. Our digital resume optimizes research and communication with all people in the company.

Monitoring intranet engagement

Monitoring intranet engagement

My Profile allows you to monitor engagement in the corporate culture and gain insights to improve the work environment.

 Valuing internal talents

Valuing internal talents

Our feature allows for quick identification of missing roles and assessing whether suitable candidates exist within the company.

Advanced search functions

Advanced search functions

Advanced Search integrates with My Profile, allowing Human Resources to find relevant contacts for their searches based on department, role, experience, interests, language skills, and more.

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