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Our component helps you find and contact people within your company.

It integrates with Advanced Search, Microsoft 365, and contact management software,
and gives you results by roles, locations, skills, personal interests, and much more.

People Directory:
why your company needs it?

Our feature achieves a dual result.

On the one hand, it helps Human Resources align contacts and the corporate hierarchy;

on the other hand, it helps users find, get to know, and communicate with all the people in the company.

The SharePoint intranet's people directory

Easy search

Easy search

Our people directory gathers all your company's contacts. Use Advanced Search or apply customizable filters to find your colleagues instantly.

Quick Actions

Quick actions

Communicate with your contacts. The people directory allows you to reach the person you're looking for via email, phone, or Teams chat.

Get to know your colleagues

Get to know your colleagues

Get more information about your colleagues. Not just their roles, departments, or managers, but also their skills and personal interests.

Real-time communication

Our people directory integrates with Microsoft Teams to allow you to communicate with your contacts in real-time.

Profile cards

Click on a person's name and view their profile card. Discover their role, department, and related contacts, as well as the personal details that the user chooses to share.

Integration with Microsoft 365

Our intelligent people directory automatically updates with new users from your Microsoft 365 subscription. You won't have to worry about adding them manually.

Create your Favorites

Customize your Office 365 address book. Save contacts as favorites to keep them at your fingertips.

The intelligent people directory
for your SharePoint intranet

Search through contacts, view photos of colleagues, and find out which department they work in.

Quickly locate the people who can support you in your tasks.

Integrate data from various sources

Integrate data from various sources

Our people directory displays information that the company inputs:

  • in Microsoft 365
  • in HR software
  • manually

This way, the intranet automatically aligns with corporate Microsoft 365 accounts and changes made in the internal HR system (Zucchetti, Talentia, or SuccessFactors). Manual addition also allows for creating contact lists for customers and suppliers.

The easiest way to find contacts

The easiest way to find contacts

Search for phrases like "Who handles Marketing in the company?" and instantly find the most relevant contacts in the SharePoint intranet.

Discover images, roles, departments, and contact details. View personal information such as interests and skills. Add frequently contacted contacts to your Favorites for easy access.

The best way to know your company

The best way to know your company

Each user card indicates their position within the corporate org chart. You'll find out the role, team, and manager of the person you're looking for.

Imagine the importance our people directory can have for newcomers to the company. But it can also be useful in cases of internal reorganizations, helping users stay up-to-date with the evolution of their organization.

for the employees

Especially when working remotely, being able to know your company's colleagues with photos and personal details is undoubtedly an advantage.

Rich personal profiles allow you to quickly find the best person to collaborate with for your activities.

Examining the roles, interests, and skills of colleagues is a useful practice for building effective work teams and improving internal communication. Finally, users have the opportunity to be found by their company thanks to their skills.

Benefits of the intranet's people directory for Human Resources

Benefits for Human Resources

Imagine how much easier the HR team's work would be with a people directory containing all employee information.

Internal recruiting, company surveys, org charts are just a few processes that would be enhanced with just a few clicks.

Our people directory helps you get to know people in the company better and improve communication and collaboration among them, promoting a healthy corporate climate.

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