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Advanced Search is the search bar that
enhances the capabilities of SharePoint Online.

It allows you to quickly find answers and content within
your intranet and the integrated Microsoft 365 digital workplace.

SharePoint Advanced Search:
why your company needs it?

Dipendenti insoddisfatti delle funzioni di ricerca nella intranet

The percentage of users satisfied with search results in their intranet.

Lunghi tempi di ricerca delle informazioni necessarie

21 min 41 sec
The average daily time spent searching for documents and information.

Ricerche nella intranet senza risultato

The average daily searches in the intranet that yield irrelevant results.

Il tempo perso a cercare documenti è un costo per l'azienda

4,000 €/month
The average cost of wasted time searching for content in the intranet.

Explore your SharePoint intranet like never before

Esplorare la intranet SharePoint con la Ricerca avanzata

Advanced Search enhances
business performance

According to IDC's White Paper, organizations lose around $2.5 million annually due to employees' difficulty in retrieving useful information. If the right document could be found at the right time, this loss wouldn't exist. But that's not all.

  • Knowledge management.
    To manage knowledge flow in your company, information retrieval must be smooth, comprehensive, and instantaneous.
  • Employee engagement.
    Employees find valuable content without wasting time and energy, leading to a healthy and productive work environment.
  • Collaborazione tra i team.
    Seamless and accurate information exchange allows teams to communicate and collaborate effectively.
  • Project management.
    Managers can find critical information, such as the right people for an open position or documents from past projects, in seconds.

Advanced Search:
what are the benefits?

Helps users find answers to frequently asked questions, multimedia content, work apps, department experts, documents, booking services, and much more.

Search data is protected and stored in a single database that can provide valuable insights into intranet usage and user experience.

Funzioni di ricerca in più sorgenti dati

Extend the search capability of SharePoint Online

Advanced Search helps intranet users find:

In just moments, you can retrieve everything you need to advance your work and that of your team.

intelligenza artificiale comprende attività degli utenti per migliorare le prestazioni

Know your users

Our component is based on artificial intelligence and machine learning systems.

Therefore, it can understand user language and learn from searches to show increasingly relevant results. Additionally, you can access anonymous reports to discover:

  • Most popular content
  • Most visited documents and services
  • Common doubts and difficulties

Use this data to understand where and how to address your audience's needs.

Personalizza lo strumento ricerca intelligente per ogni necessità

Find answers inside and outside your intranet

With our feature, you can expand SharePoint search to find answers and content in the integrated Microsoft environment alongside your intranet.

This way, you can discover what information users search for most frequently and optimize searches.

Designed to grow
with your company

Advanced Search for the SharePoint intranet evolves to meet the needs of your audience thanks to a machine learning system.

It learns from user searches to offer increasingly relevant content.

Comprensione automatica della lingua di ricerca

User language

Our component uses AI to personalize search results based on user language and behavior.

Cerca per sinonimi e parole affini.

Synonyms and related words

It comprehends and searches for synonyms, displaying more relevant results to users in fewer attempts.

Visualizzazione contenuti differenziati in base a utilità, luogo e lingua di ricerca


It manages various knowledge bases to include geo-localized content and displays it to users in their preferred language.

Aggiornamenti in tempo reale

Real-time updates

The system automatically updates after every change to the knowledge base.

Suggerimenti personalizzati per utente in base alle ricerche precedenti


It analyzes intranet searches and suggests the best keywords to categorize content.

Migliora la collaborazione tra colleghi con personalizzazioni di dipartimento


Share the knowledge base with your colleagues to personalize results and display the most useful information on the intranet.

Monitora l'utilizzo della intranet e le necessità dei dipendenti


Provides an anonymous search log to discover what interests users and help you meet their needs.

Trova le informazioni per migliorare la qualità del lavoro

Beyond the intranet

Our feature expands SharePoint search to include information found in the integrated Microsoft 365 environment.

Advanced Search supports
the entire company's work

Our search engine allows you to instantly find useful tools for your work.

For every query, it searches among tagged content categories to provide quick and precise results.

Each search is more comprehensive than traditional systems: you can search and find people and content associated with keywords or categories, and you can sort your results by relevance.

Choosing Advanced Search means choosing to save time – and money – for your company.

The complete SharePoint intranet
integrated with Microsoft 365,
starting from 3,650 €/year.
is the solution to
reduce costs and
implementation times.

Operational within 24 hours from purchase, with 5 days of consulting.

50+ apps for communication, training, and corporate knowledge sharing.

Capable of maximizing your investment in Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Viva.