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Our component brings together in a single space within the intranet
the apps and content recommended by the company to
help users carry out their daily tasks.

Company Apps:
why your company needs them?

Quick access to apps and resources

Our feature provides users with an area featuring quick links to apps and useful content right from the SharePoint intranet homepage.

User permissions

If your company has specific business apps for different departments, it can decide which users can access these applications with specific permissions.

Indexed links

The content inserted in our feature is indexed in Advanced Search, allowing users to find it through free-text searches or customized filters.

Assegnare permessi di accesso ai collegamenti nella intranet SharePoint

Targeted access

Editor users can decide who has access to the links within our feature.

They can assign links to specific target groups based on user properties such as department or location.

Ricerca rapida dei collegamenti nella intranet SharePoint

Quick search

Editor users can categorize links to simplify user searches within the intranet.

These links are indexed in our Advanced Search feature and can be easily retrieved through free-text searches or the use of customized filters.

Personalizzare icone collegamenti nella intranet SharePoint

Custom graphics

Your company can choose from a wide selection of icons to distinguish the suggested links.

In addition to the standard SharePoint Online icons, you can upload custom images to align our component with your corporate brand.

Manage links independently

Our team will show you how to manage links, audiences, and category tags independently.


Editor users can independently manage the addition, targeting, and categorization of links to the company apps.

They can also customize the web part with icons offered by SharePoint or custom images in line with the corporate brand.

Users can save their most useful links for their tasks as Favorites, ensuring quick and easy access at all times.

The complete SharePoint intranet
integrated with Microsoft 365,
starting from 3,650 €/year.
is the solution to
reduce costs and
implementation times.

Operational within 24 hours from purchase, with 5 days of consulting.

50+ apps for communication, training, and corporate knowledge sharing.

Capable of maximizing your investment in Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Viva.