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access to intranet application from sharepoint online home page

Quick access

The company apps feature allows corporate intranet users to access the most important and used applications directly from the Home page of their SharePoint Online intranet.

authorization request to access intranet contents

Apps authorization

Are there department specific apps that don't interest other teams? You can decide which user profiles should display a specific app and exclude the others by applying specific permissions.

intranet features saving working time

Save time

Our feature allows you to quickly and easily access company apps using categories and free-text search. One single entry point for all your daily working tools.

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Company apps and personal links

The intranet company apps web part can be customized at any level.
Choose company apps permissions and let people easily manage their own links.

The apps customization is based on the company role:

The employee can customize the company intranet home page with the quick links they prefers, for direct access to specific applications or useful daily content. This feature is available under My apps.

The customization of apps for department managers takes place through the management of authorizations to access certain links. Managers can choose how to customize the apps in the department under their responsibility.

At an even higher level, the intranet manager have access to a higher level of authorization that allows to customize or modify the apps of every group of people. A very common use case is when the IT department manage this archive.

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