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Employees waste a lot of time daily searching for documents they need to do their jobs. With the company documents feature you can collect and classify each document, procedure, module or template to make it more easily accessible to each employee.

Choose the document category, find content using free-text search, see the latest changes -  
this is your workplace's digital library.

Searching for documents on an Office 365 intranet

Easy document search organizes your company documents into a well-categorized digital archive which is really easy to view.
You can choose whatever structure you like for your files: the feature can merge data from different SharePoint document libraries.

You can make the search easier by classifying documents with categories and tags that allow people to quickly find what they are looking for.

Integrated with Microsoft 365 taxonomies and term sets.

Categorized documents with the addition of categories and tags

Documents' categories and tags

Choose how to classify your documents. Every company has different needs; with this tool, you can customize the categories and tags used to classify company documents based on the real needs of your business.

Files and documents added as favorite

Favorites files

Do you often view the same document? Do you always need to have modules or procedures to hand? With you can create your Favorites space and add the material you need most often, just a click away.

Sharing documents in the cloud, accessible and updatable at all times

Latest documents in evidence

It always shows the last documents shared on your company intranet as the default setting. In an instant, you can access the latest information shared by your company and always stay updated for maximum efficiency.

Keyword indexing function in the document search function

Indexing of document content

Company documents is a tool specially created to simplify the viewing of company material.

We use SharePoint Online features that analyze words in the content of a document or file and index them for your search.

Just enter a keyword in the search bar, and the feature will show you all results with that word even in the document body. It even works in PDFs!

merging documents from different SharePoint Online libraries

Merge documents from different sources and departments

Our web part can display documents from different SharePoint document libraries, using the same set of taxonomies for tagging files.

This is a great way to engage people from different departments in publishing their content on the intranet which is very helpful for employees.

This is a handy company intranet feature and saves a lot of time. With company documents, each document will be categorized, easily accessible by anyone, and under control using permissions.

Publish and make documents available to the entire community of your digital workplace. This tool helps your employees share the essential company information they create. 

Are you ready to up your workplace to a whole new level?

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