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Our component allows you to locate and view documents
stored in SharePoint Online from any page within the intranet.

Use tags and categories to index documents and save time in searches.


Company Documents:
why your company needs them?

According to IDC, Gartner, and Forrester Research, users waste up to 30% of their time searching for documents.

9% can't find what they need.
7% have to recreate unretrievable files.

Our feature streamlines procedure searches, helping your company save an estimated $3,500 per user per year.

Trova i documenti aziendali nella intranet SharePoint

Find your documents instantly

Our component presents company documents in a unified space within the intranet, bringing together files from different SharePoint collections, even if managed by different departments.

It integrates with Microsoft 365 taxonomies and term sets, allowing users to categorize and apply tags to content. It's also integrated with Viva Topics for building the company's knowledge base using AI.

Company Documents: what are the benefits?

Documenti categorizzati con categorie e tag nella intranet SharePoint

Tags and categories

Editor users can customize categories and tags to classify company documents and easily retrieve procedures belonging to a specific team, department, event, or project.

Salvare i documenti tra i Preferiti nella intranet SharePoint


Every user can create their own Favorites area to keep useful documents always at hand.

Mettere in evidenza i nuovi documenti nella intranet SharePoint

Latest Files

Highlight the latest documents published on the intranet to keep the company audience updated.

Indicizzare i documenti nella ricerca della intranet SharePoint

Index your content for search

Our component simplifies document access by utilizing SharePoint's capabilities to analyze and index content for search.

Simply type a term in our Advanced Search feature to retrieve files containing the searched word in the title or body of the text (it also works with PDFs).

Riunire i documenti da fonti diverse nella intranet SharePoint

Bring together documents from various sources

Users can view files from different SharePoint collections using the same set of tags.

This way, you can retrieve all relevant documents published by different company departments or locations with a single search.

Integrazione con SharePoint Online

Integration with SharePoint

Our component integrates with SharePoint, providing users with essential features for effective document management and retrieval. These include:

  • Versioning for tracking and recovering changes.
  • Real-time sharing.
  • Access control.
  • Monitoring of approval workflows.
  • Targeted notifications whenever a public file is modified.
  • Indexing to make document content searchable.

We offer you an intuitive and scalable consultation system to enhance user experience and boost productivity.

The complete SharePoint intranet
integrated with Microsoft 365,
starting from 3,650 €/year.
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reduce costs and
implementation times.

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