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Choose from a wide range of components to
highlight company news within your SharePoint Online intranet.

Assign tags and audiences to keep users informed about
the most relevant news for their work.

SharePoint News Web Part:
publish corporate news dinamically

The SharePoint intranet enables you to create various types of news, from service communications to special initiatives.

Use the portal to centralize company news and reach users more easily. Ensure they don't miss any updates with our integrated notification system.

Company News: what are the benefits?

Integration with SharePoint Online

Integration with SharePoint

SharePoint allows you to create brand-aligned news and engage in communication with likes and comments. Our component integrates with its features to expand the reach of your news.

Differentiate communications on the SharePoint intranet

Differentiated communications

Create news showcases dedicated to specific topics or user groups. Customize the layout to highlight the most important updates with customizable graphics.

Notifications and alerts on the SharePoint intranet

Notifications and alerts

Integration with our Alerts and Teams Push Notifications features helps keep users updated. Every published news can be notified with a banner on every intranet page or through a message on Teams.

Join the conversation 

SharePoint news showcases social functions that allow users to contribute to communication with likes and comments when enabled.

Inform the company audience

Use our feature to post updates, disseminate corporate communications, and receive real-time feedback.

Create categories and audiences to target news and help users quickly find the most useful content for their tasks.

Customizable layouts for SharePoint news

Customizable layouts

Accompany news with photos, carousels, and videos.
Choose how to present content on the intranet with a wide range of customizable layouts. Create and save your templates to publish branded communications in minutes.
Classify corporate news on the SharePoint intranet

Category tags

Categorize news to differentiate communication and enable users to easily find content of interest.

Create tags to distinguish topics and use them to create dedicated post boards.

Targeted news for SharePoint

Targeted audiences

Reach recipient groups based on role, department, or location.

Our feature allows you to assign an audience to news, ensuring you reach users with content useful for their work.


Real-time updates with Microsoft Teams

Real-time updates with Microsoft Teams

Integration with our notification system allows you to broadcast news published on the intranet to Microsoft Teams.

Users receive instant and customizable notifications on their desktop and mobile devices through the Teams app. Simply click on the message to open the news on the company website.

Improved collaboration and greater engagement

Enhance collaboration on the SharePoint intranet

Enhance collaboration

Foster collaboration among colleagues and streamline information sharing.

Intuitive and moder design

Intuitive and moder design

Publish engaging content easily and plan your company news effortlessly.

Targeted company news

Targeted company news

Reach recipient groups based on their role, department, or location.

Highlighted news

Customize board layouts to highlight the latest news. This way, you can capture users' attention and keep them updated on the most important developments.

Personalized communication

Use multimedia content such as photos, carousels, and videos to make internal communication dynamic and increase engagement among the company audience.

Instant updates

Leverage integration with our Alerts and Teams Push Notifications features to communicate post publication. Users will be alerted on every intranet page and in their Microsoft Teams app.


Our component relies on SharePoint Online's social features to give users the opportunity to participate in the conversation with likes and comments, if enabled by the company.

SharePoint News Archive 

Our feature comes with News Archive to gather company communications in one place on the intranet.

News is sorted by publication date in a SharePoint list configured by us. Category tags appear on the side and can be used to filter news.

You can compare the engagement rate generated by posts by viewing the number of likes and comments they have received.

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