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Navigate your company's structure and get to know your colleagues with
real-time updated profile cards based on our People Directory.

SharePoint Org Chart:
the organizational chart
for the SharePoint intranet

Build a dynamic organizational chart within your SharePoint intranet.

Help users understand your company's structure and the roles of its people.

Caratteristiche organigramma per la intranet SharePoint
  • Visualize your company's structure.

With our web part, you can view your company's complete organizational structure. Using the hierarchy view, you can easily understand who holds which roles with just a few clicks.

  • Navigate dinamically.

We take care of configuring the org chart to make it easy for all intranet users to navigate dynamically using Drag & Drop and Zoom functions.

Caratteristiche organigramma per la intranet SharePoint
  • Find contacts quickly.

Use the search bar to quickly locate the person you're looking for and find out which department they work in and what their role is.

  • Visit your colleagues' profiles.

Integration with the people directory allows quick access to user profiles, giving you the opportunity to get to know your company's people better.

  • Update the org chart with ease.

Our org chart updates effortlessly. Simply add new employees to the people directory, indicating their reporting manager, and the org chart will automatically display the new profiles.

Org Chart: why your company needs it?

Conoscere meglio i colleghi con la intranet SharePoint

Discover who your colleagues are

The intranet org chart allows you to explore your company's structure and get to know the people you work with better, thanks to detailed profile cards provided by our People Directory.

Vantaggi della intranet SharePoint per le piccole e medie imprese

Benefits for SMEs

Our feature is perfect for companies looking for a dynamic org chart with minimal resource investment. They can customize navigation and the number of informative levels to display.

Vantaggi della intranet SharePoint per le grandi aziende

Benefits for large enterprises

Our component is also ideal for more structured enterprises, to help users understand how departments and offices are organized. It's possible to insert intermediate roles that may not exist in smaller organizations.

Ottimizzare i tempi di ricerca di contatti nella intranet SharePoint

Optimize search times

Quickly retrieve the information you need to carry out your work. Use the company org chart to find the people you're looking for and their contact details without wasting time.

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