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Create and share personalized audio content that
is easy to consume and enjoyable to follow.

SharePoint Podcasts:
what are the benefits?

Audio content makes important information more accessible, allowing users to stay updated while on the move or during their daily activities.

Create podcast series to differentiate internal communication and maintain colleagues' attention on key discussions and initiatives.

Creare podcast aziendali nella intranet SharePoint

Increase engagement

Our feature helps you disseminate company news and initiatives more directly and personally.

Use it to:

  • Keep colleagues informed on the go.
  • Create podcast series dedicated to specific topics.
  • Convey the company's core values with empathy.
Categorizzare i podcast nella intranet SharePoint

Utilize tags and categories to simplify searches

You can customize audio content with personalized tags and categories.

This way, users can quickly find the most relevant podcasts for their searches on the intranet and discover the latest updates on topics of interest to them.

Rafforzare la cultura aziendale con la intranet SharePoint

Save time and communicate effectively

Podcasts can replace lengthy meetings and training sessions.

In just a few minutes, they convey useful information while simplifying access and retention for users. This enables you to establish immediate communication, even on the busiest workdays.


Strengthen corporate culture

Departments, management, and CEOs can use our feature to highlight the company's values and their colleagues' achievements, engaging the corporate audience through the empathy conveyed by their own voices.

This makes it easier to create an open and transparent dialogue with users and build a participatory corporate culture.

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