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Answer the top questions in your organization
with just one response.


SharePoint FAQ Web Part:
The easiest way to answer common questions

Ricerca avanzata di informazioni nella intranet SharePoint

Advanced search

Our FAQ page gathers the most common questions within your organization and integrates with Advanced Search to help you find the answers you seek within seconds.

Salvare le pagine FAQ della intranet SharePoint tra i Preferiti

Save to Favorites

You can bookmark your preferred questions for easy access at any time.

Categorizza le pagine FAQ nella intranet SharePoint

Categorize FAQ pages

Group answers and questions by department or company procedure to quickly find useful information.

Enhance the value of
your SharePoint intranet

The FAQ page is one of the most visited areas of the intranet.

Users can find quick and precise answers, valuable resources, and instructions for procedures they don't perform daily.

Integrated with Advanced Search

Our FAQ pages integrate with Advanced Search, allowing users to find answers to their questions within seconds.

Easily update the content of each page to improve knowledge sharing.

Integrated with Intranet Analytics

Monitor the most frequently asked questions within the intranet through the integration of FAQ pages with Intranet Analytics.

Our data analysis component helps you understand the most sought-after information, offering valuable insights to enhance the portal and business processes.

We assist you in creating the
FAQ page for your intranet

Creating an FAQ page will only take a few minutes.

With AI, we can extract the most useful questions and answers from your most searched company documents.

We will provide you with a comprehensive FAQ page that you can customize to meet your needs.

Vantaggi per gli utenti delle pagine FAQ nella intranet SharePoint

Benefits for users

Quick search and clear answers.

Intranet users have access to a service that simplifies information retrieval, saving time and effort compared to searching independently within the company.

With the "Save to Favorites" feature, they can keep the most useful answers just a click away. Additionally, they can stay informed about the latest company news and procedure changes through the "Latest Updates" section.

Vantaggi per le Risorse Umane delle pagine FAQ nella intranet SharePoint

Benefits for HRs

The HR department can address questions related to their activities in one go, such as:

  • Compensation and benefits
  • Leave requests
  • Vacation requests
  • Flexibility policies
  • Hiring and firing policies
  • Training opportunities
Vantaggi per il reparto IT delle pagine FAQ nella intranet SharePoint

Benefits fot the IT department

The IT department can use the FAQ page to disseminate critical information about:

  • Requesting technical support
  • Accessing resources
  • Using company software and applications
  • Protecting devices from threats
  • Safeguarding data
Vantaggi per tutti i reparti delle pagine FAQ nella intranet SharePoint

Benefits for all company departments

Each department can have FAQ pages dedicated to its services.

They have the opportunity to share their knowledge with the entire organization, customizing our component and categorizing the most useful information for users.

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