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Make the intranet feel like home.

Create the welcome box to greet users on your SharePoint intranet,
bid them good morning, and provide them with a quick access to
recommended resources and their personal profile.


SharePoint Welcome Box:
what are the benefits?

Allow users to view their profile picture and company-recommended resources when they access their SharePoint intranet.

Encourage personal profile completion and increase site visits by offering helpful content and links for your colleagues' daily tasks.

Aumentare le visite alla intranet SharePoint

Promote engagement

Engage your colleagues in customizing the intranet.

Users can modify their profile picture and use it to access their personal page. This way, they can easily update the information shared with colleagues on the intranet, adding new skills or changing their role within the company.


Boost site visits

Your company can leverage the welcome box to offer useful content and resources.

Quick links accompany the user's profile picture and can be customized with Microsoft 365 icons. This makes it easier for your colleagues to access intranet areas such as the people directory and company news pages.

The complete SharePoint intranet
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