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How do you feel today? How do you feel about the next initiative? Share your preferences and
collect feedback from colleagues to build a people-centered corporate culture.

Mood for SharePoint intranet:
Why your company needs it

Mood is the web part we developed to simplify communication between the company and its people through a space on the SharePoint intranet dedicated to sharing preferences, opinions, and moods.

The feedback collected will provide the information needed to measure the level of employee satisfaction, identify common issues, and define more effective strategies to improve the employee experience.

corporate community

Create a people-centered corporate culture

Our component is designed to provide a dedicated space for users' opinions, preferences, and mood in the SharePoint intranet. It can be used to:

  • Gather information about people's daily well-being.
  • Collect preferences for organizing a company event.
  • Launch internal contests, in which to participate by choosing from featured icons.
  • Analyze the satisfaction rate related to an activity, project, or corporate initiative.

Responses are automatically saved and made accessible only to intranet administrators, who can browse archived information by date and name of users who have interacted with the web part.

It becomes easier to define new strategies for employee experience, building on feedback from colleagues to build a better work environment.

monitoring employee experience

Monitor your own well-being and that of colleagues

Our web part can show the preferences and moods indicated in the past, as well as the anonymous choices of colleagues. In this way, each user has the ability to keep track of their mood and understand whether it is a sentiment that is shared in the company.

Mood is therefore a useful tool for administrators and management, who can use it to identify common issues and take precise action to resolve them.

Mood for SharePoint intranet:
What are the benefits?

With our web part, you can enrich the SharePoint intranet and provide a new interactive experience for expressing feelings and ideas.

The company will benefit from the feedback shared to create a healthier, more united, and effective work environment.

comunicazione aziendale coinvolgente

Empathetic and engaging communication

Mood provides a wide range of customizable interactive icons with which to communicate one's mood to the company. Intranet administrators can then insert graphics into the web part that best represent expected feedback and collect useful responses to:

  • Improve colleagues' experience
  • Strengthen the corporate community
  • Increase participation in events and initiatives

Users will be able to make their voices heard with more informal communication, while the company will have a tool to not only improve the employee experience, but also increase daily visits to the intranet.

simple configuration

Simple configuration

It only takes a few steps to start using Mood:

  1. Create the SharePoint list with the icons to be displayed.
  2. Insert the web part into an intranet page.
  3. Customize the user experience.

Our experts handle the steps listed according to customers' specific needs. But we designed Mood to be an intuitive web part. Like most of's components, you can customize it completely on your own with up-to-date documentation.

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