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Our feature assists you in organizing and promoting events,
initiatives, and meetings on the SharePoint Online intranet.


SharePoint Calendar:
why your company needs it?

Our web part helps you organize, share, and broadcast corporate events.

Whenever an event is scheduled on the calendar, the integrated push notification system notifies users with a personalized message on Microsoft Teams.

Simply click on the notification to access the event page on the intranet.

Calendario aziendale condiviso per la intranet SharePoint

Manage corporate events

Our business calendar allows you to:

  • Communicate corporate closures.
  • Promote events and initiatives.
  • Publish deadlines.

You can customize the calendar interface to fit each intranet page, choosing between a compact or extended view.


Condividere eventi aziendali nella intranet SharePoint

Share important dates with the entire organization

Share corporate events with colleagues such as closures, special initiatives, global meetings, deadlines, training opportunities, and more.

Every new addition to the calendar will be visible in real-time on intranet pages containing the web part.

Promote events on Microsoft Teams

Our feature enables you to broadcast new corporate events in real-time through integration with Teams Push Notifications.

You can decide whether to send notifications to the general public or target specific audiences. By clicking on the notification message, users can access the dedicated intranet page for the new event to delve into the details.

Why publish events with the SharePoint intranet calendar?

Help the intranet audience stay up-to-date and not miss out on new corporate events.

Our business calendar allows you to:

  • Receive notifications about important corporate events, such as product launches or participation in industry fairs.
  • Promote special initiatives.
  • Share training opportunities and other appointments with the corporate audience and targeted user groups.

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