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Showcase the significant anniversaries and birthdays of your colleagues and
invite users to learn more by visiting personal profile pages on the SharePoint intranet.

what are the benefits?

Our dynamic section displays the birthdays and work anniversaries of individuals within the company.

By clicking on the icons, users can access an in-depth page to discover roles, skills, and personal interests.

Provide a fresh experience to get to know your colleagues better and build a more robust and engaging corporate culture.

Mostrare anniversari aziendali nella intranet SharePoint

The dynamic section for displaying colleagues' anniversaries

You can add our section to any page of the SharePoint intranet to highlight your colleagues' birthdays or work anniversaries.

Create a calendar of special events by specifying the number of icons to display and the periodicity (daily, weekly, or monthly).

Integrazione con i profili personali della intranet SharePoint

Integration with My Profile

You can choose to manually input birthdates from a SharePoint list or use My Profile to automatically synchronize personal information.

The integration with My Profile fosters better understanding of your colleagues, thanks to profile pages that display roles, skills, interests, and contact details of the individuals being celebrated.

Rafforzare la cultura aziendale nella intranet SharePoint

Strengthen corporate culture

Our component is a valuable tool to boost user engagement, leading to:

  • Increased intranet visits.
  • Enhanced knowledge sharing and communication among colleagues.

This enables your company to create a collaborative work environment, conveying the values of community, inclusion, and knowledge about your colleagues through a single section.

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