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Viva Connections is the module of the Microsoft Viva suite that
combines news, conversations, and company resources.

It integrates with our solution to provide users with
quick access to the SharePoint intranet through Microsoft Teams.


The SharePoint intranet
integrated with
Viva Connections:
why your company needs it?

Viva Connections offers a unified experience for users to access news, conversations, and shared materials on their SharePoint intranet from Microsoft Teams.

It helps centralize internal communication, keeping the corporate audience updated and engaged with a single application.

Mobile access to the SharePoint intranet

Mobile access

Viva Connections gives you access to the SharePoint intranet from any mobile device. This supports the IT team by avoiding the management and distribution of a mobile app to access content on-the-go.

Microsoft Viva Connections' Personalized Feed

Personalized Feed

Viva Connections brings together and highlights the most relevant news for each individual user. It allows sharing content not only from the SharePoint intranet but also from Viva Engage communities and Microsoft 365 or third-party applications.

Access to the SharePoint intranet from Microsoft Teams

Access from Microsoft Teams

Users can read the latest updates without leaving the Microsoft Teams environment. Simply click on the customizable icon at the top of the app's sidebar to reach the intranet homepage.

Microsoft Viva Connections' dashboard


Viva Connections provides a customizable panel of apps and widgets for the company to offer useful content. The dashboard can be configured to provide users with the tools they need, reducing time spent searching for information and apps.

Your SharePoint intranet
integrated with Viva Connections:
what are the benefits?

Users can access intranet content and recommended company resources from a single access point, reachable from any device.

Viva Connections allows for quickly reaching the SharePoint intranet or landing on an intermediate page with useful apps and materials.

Configuration of Viva Connections in Microsoft Teams

Two configuration modes

The company can decide whether to directly link the Teams app to the SharePoint intranet or create an intermediate page with recommended apps and materials.

The intermediate page by default contains quick links to other Microsoft Viva products, increasing user productivity and well-being.

Productivity and well-being in the company with Microsoft Viva

Productivity and well-being
in the company with
Microsoft Viva

Viva Connections enables you to create an intermediate page between Teams and the intranet to access:

  • Viva Learning, the module for digital training.
  • Viva Insights, the module dedicated to time and personal activity management.
  • Viva Goals, the module for tracking global, team, and individual objectives.
  • Viva Engage, the module that enables creating the corporate social network.

Users can thus use the Viva suite apps to manage their tasks, enhance collaboration, and achieve their goals.

The complete SharePoint intranet
integrated with Microsoft 365,
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