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Our web part makes internal communication more engaging, with interactive graphics that
provide quick access to company initiatives and resources on the SharePoint intranet.

Graphical Buttons for the SharePoint intranet: What are the benefits?

Our component is designed to expand SharePoint's customization capabilities with interactive buttons. You'll be able to place them on any intranet page to enhance the corporate brand and provide colleagues with quick access to the most useful resources for their activities.

By inserting links to pages, libraries, and any other SharePoint content, you can highlight the intranet's features and thus simplify its adoption.

Customize SharePoint design

Customize design

Our component offers a set of dynamic buttons that can be placed on every page of the intranet to capture colleagues' attention and keep them updated on company news.

Customize the images, add animations, and arrange the buttons as you like to create modern compositions with which to enrich the graphic identity of your intranet.

Simplifies intranet navigation

Simplify navigation

In addition to customizing the SharePoint intranet, you can highlight content that is most important to colleagues.

Each button can provide quick access to:

  • Pages for participating in events and initiatives
  • Areas to access corporate services
  • SharePoint lists and libraries
  • Documents

This will make it easier to learn about all the resources offered by the intranet and adopt it as a daily work tool.

Nuove informazioni, con grafiche interattive

New information, with interactive graphics

Our web part not only allows you to increase visits to the intranet, but also to expand information with links to:

  • Institutional websites
  • Industry blogs
  • Applications

Each graphical button can contain custom text, to categorize the links you enter and help colleagues search for information. You will thus be able to enrich corporate communication with posts, news, and updates from external sources, without burdening the browsing experience.

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