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The system that allows you to create, review, approve, sign, and
publish business documents right from your SharePoint intranet.


SharePoint Document
Management System:
why your company needs it?

Our document management system enables you to handle the entire lifecycle of your business documents without leaving the intranet.

Its goal is to enhance the capabilities of SharePoint Online to digitize procedures seamlessly, intuitively, and integrated with the Microsoft 365 digital workplace.

Creare documenti uniformi e protocollati nella intranet SharePoint

Create uniform and protocolled documents

Our feature allows you to create new documents from predefined templates, in line with your corporate brand and customizable.

The available templates have built-in properties to automatically indicate the version number and a unique protocol code. This way, your company can rely on the swift creation of standardized procedures.

Collaborare sui documenti aziendali nella intranet SharePoint

Real-time collaboration

The system integrates with Microsoft Office not only for document creation but also for real-time co-authoring and version archiving.

Users can invite colleagues to collaborate on procedures, manage access to information using the common authorization system of Microsoft 365 products, and never lose track of document changes.

Approvare i documenti aziendali con firma digitale nella intranet SharePoint

Choose between two approval workflows

Our document management system for SharePoint Online supports two types of approval:

  1. Electronic signature, thanks to integration with DocuSign.
  2. Standard mode, via email submission. Every customer can choose based on their needs, reducing time and paper consumption associated with document approval in traditional offices.
Distribuzione automatica delle nuove procedure nella intranet SharePoint

Simplify the distribution of new procedure

The company can inform users of the presence of a new document on the intranet with an automated email notification system already integrated with our feature.

SharePoint Document
Management System:
what are the benefits?

Our component enhances the standard features of SharePoint Online to simplify document updates and keep the corporate audience aligned.

Gestione dei documenti aziendali per i dipartimenti nella intranet SharePoint

Public and private procedure management for departments

Business departments can use our component to independently manage their documents before making them public on the intranet.

They have a private workspace where they can carry out internal drafting, reviewing, and approval activities. Once ready, documents are published in PDF format in the department's area accessible to all colleagues.

Versioning dei documenti nella intranet SharePoint


For each new modification to published documents, the version number is automatically updated. Users can browse the SharePoint history to compare or restore any previous version of archived documents.

Protocollazione dei documenti nella intranet SharePoint

Protocol code assignment

Every new document is automatically assigned a unique protocol code to facilitate identification.

Assegnazione di metadati ai documenti nella intranet SharePoint


SharePoint metadata allows users to categorize files based on specific information, which users can define independently, enriching the content of individual documents. It is possible to update metadata to improve searches on the intranet.

Presa in carico dei documenti nella intranet SharePoint

Check-In and Check-Out

The system allows users to take charge of a procedure, preventing colleagues from editing its contents until a Check-Out occurs. During the Check-In, the document remains available to the rest of the corporate audience in Read-Only mode.

Gestione degli accessi ai documenti nella intranet SharePoint

Access management

Decide who can view documents or make changes to the content. Microsoft 365 permissions allow managing access to information for business area, document type, folder, or individual file.

Ricerca full-text dei documenti nella intranet SharePoint

Full-text search

Advanced Search speeds up the retrieval of information in Microsoft 365, starting from the intranet. It helps you find documents, displaying results relevant to words, phrases, and synonyms.

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