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Promote your company's initiatives with communication campaigns
that start upon the first access to the SharePoint intranet.

SharePoint Pop-Ups:
why your company needs them?

Increase participation in initiatives with promotional content that automatically appears on the first intranet access.

Users can click on the Pop-Up to access in-depth pages and learn all the details about the promoted content.

Ensure maximum user reception.

Contenuti dinamici nella intranet SharePoint

Dynamic and interactive content

Create videos, images, and carousels to promote company initiatives.

Use our component to feature them prominently for colleagues when they access the intranet. Guide them to discover websites and in-depth pages, questionnaires, tests, and other useful resources.

Personalizzare campagne di comunicazione nella intranet SharePoint

Customize your campaigns

You can define the duration and frequency of campaigns, deciding how many times a day and for how long they will appear when the intranet starts.

Our feature allows you to target content to different audiences, reaching only colleagues from the offices and departments involved in the promoted initiative.

The complete SharePoint intranet
integrated with Microsoft 365,
starting from 3,650 €/year.
is the solution to
reduce costs and
implementation times.

Operational within 24 hours from purchase, with 5 days of consulting.

50+ apps for communication, training, and corporate knowledge sharing.

Capable of maximizing your investment in Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Viva.