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For every new project or conversation group, our component creates a pre-configured Teams group with your communication and collaboration preferences from the SharePoint intranet.

Use our feature to boost the productivity of your business teams and the quality of your projects.

Discussion and project groups:
why your company needs them?

Our feature enhances the productivity of business teams, defines communication and collaboration standards for your projects, and simplifies the creation of custom Teams groups.

Evitare che i progetti aziendali falliscano con la intranet SharePoint

Why do business projects often get complicated?

Advancing a project involves collaboration with colleagues, sometimes from different departments. Effective collaboration only happens when it's clear how and where to share information. In every project, issues like:

  • Difficulty in finding content and information.
  • Lack of a shared document repository.
  • Confused communication.
  • Use of different tools for the same project.
  • Non-standardized workflows.
  • Absence of a shared repository for project documents.
Esperienza di collaborazione unificata nella intranet SharePoint

Create a unified collaboration experience

It brings your projects into a single environment, allowing you to have, for each of them:

  • A Microsoft Teams group.
  • A conversation area.
  • A space to share project files.
  • A Planner task board to coordinate activities.
  • An area to save meeting notes via OneNote.


Integrazione con Microsoft Teams

Integration with Microsoft Teams

Our component integrates with Microsoft Teams, the most widely used collaboration app in the company.

This helps reduce emails and enables more effective collaboration with colleagues through group chat and numerous real-time information sharing features.

Manage the creation of new groups 

Our feature assists in standardizing the workflow for creating custom Microsoft Teams groups from the SharePoint intranet.

This, in turn, enhances the productivity of project teams and improves their collaboration experience.

Migliorare la governance con la intranet SharePoint


IT managers can create an archive of company Teams groups with agreed-upon names and rules to enhance governance.

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