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Stimulate your colleagues' curiosity with dynamic buttons
to be placed on every page of the intranet.

Pop-Up Buttons:
what are the benefits?

Our component helps you promote company initiatives, highlight intranet features, and make external websites easily accessible with engaging new graphics.

Customize button icons to provide hints about their content and encourage users to discover more without leaving the page. Simply hover the cursor over the graphics to reveal the hidden information.

Ampliare l'informazione offerta nella intranet SharePoint

Expand information

Provide useful news and resources without cluttering user navigation.

Buttons allow you to enrich intranet pages by hiding additional information with customized graphics that align with your corporate brand.

Aumentare il coinvolgimento nella intranet SharePoint

Boost engagement

Buttons are designed to capture users' attention, inviting them to explore the concealed content.

Colors and icons will assist them in quickly finding the information they need without wasting time searching or redirecting them to different pages on the site.

The complete SharePoint intranet
integrated with Microsoft 365,
starting from 3,650 €/year.
is the solution to
reduce costs and
implementation times.

Operational within 24 hours from purchase, with 5 days of consulting.

50+ apps for communication, training, and corporate knowledge sharing.

Capable of maximizing your investment in Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Viva.