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Our feature is based on the logic of Enter ID (Azure AD) groups to
help your company create dynamic user groups and
distribute intranet content more easily.


Azure AD Dynamic Groups:
why your company needs them?

Our feature allows you to create dynamic groups to target and distribute intranet content automatically.

Users from the same department are placed in a group with specific access permissions to receive information relevant to their activities.

Creare gruppi di distribuzione nella intranet SharePoint in modo automatico

Automatically distribute your intranet’s content

Manually creating distribution groups involves significant time wastage.

Dynamic Groups helps you target content and automatically disseminate it to user groups.

You can then:

  • Create groups to disseminate the content published in your intranet.
  • Establish rules to create user groups based on properties available in the people directory.
  • Integrate our News and Alerts features to send targeted messages and notifications.

Dynamic Groups
for the SharePoint intranet:
one tool for all departments

Internal Communications, Human Resources, Administration, IT, and other business departments can use our feature to create user groups for distributing their content on the intranet smoothly.

Risparmia tempo con i gruppi dinamici per la intranet SharePoint

Save time

You will no longer need to manage intranet groups manually. You can automate actions such as adding new users or removing individuals who have left the company.

Risparmia sui costi con i gruppi dinamici per la intranet SharePoint

Save costs

You won't need to purchase Premium licenses for Enter ID (Azure AD) to create dynamic groups. Use our component to automate business processes on a reduced budget.

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