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Our feature allows you to pinpoint your company's office locations
within the SharePoint intranet and get to know them through
detailed and customizable information cards.

SharePoint Locations Map:
why your company needs it?

Locate your company's offices, branches, warehouses, and facilities.

Discover the local time, activities, and address of each facility.

Our component helps you coordinate work with colleagues from other locations.

Integrazione della intranet SharePoint con Google Maps

Powered by Google Maps

Our feature is based on Google Maps, the most widely used geographic app of all time.

It provides the same location service used by millions of users to navigate every day. Use it to get to know your company's places.

Diffondi il brand aziendale nella intranet SharePoint

Promote the corporate brand

Customize location icons with the corporate logo and apply the corporate color palette.

Use our map to strengthen the brand identity and make the intranet a distinctive space.

Locations Map:
what are the benefits?

Our interactive map for the SharePoint intranet helps you understand the company structure and coordinate activities with dispersed locations.

Information cards provide useful information about company locations, explaining how to reach them and when it's most convenient to communicate with colleagues.

Coordinare le attività tra sedi aziendali con la intranet SharePoint

Coordinate activities worldwide

Use our feature to manage shared projects with dispersed locations.

Each card contains useful and customizable information to organize meetings with colleagues, such as directions to the facility they operate in and the local time.

Approfondire i dettagli delle sedi aziendali nella intranet SharePoint

Deepen your knowledge of company locations

In each information card, you can include a link to a dedicated page for the user's selected location.

This way, you can obtain more details on:

  • The main features of the location
  • Key contacts
  • How to reach it using available means of transportation

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