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Bring Moodle courses into the Viva Learning app and
create a single point for corporate training.


Moodle-Viva Learning Connector:
why does your company need it?

Our component helps you centralize your colleagues' training in Viva Learning and use its social learning, monitoring, and academy creation features to enhance the learning experience.

Thanks to integration with Microsoft Teams, your company can create a single point where it can bring together its training content and leverage chat and collaboration groups to share it easily among employees.

Collega il catalogo corsi di Moodle in Viva Learning

Connect the Moodle catalog to Viva Learning

With our component, you can import all Moodle courses into Viva Learning and thus create a single point for training.

It allows you to synchronize course assignments and progress tracking. Assigned content on Moodle will appear in the "In Progress" area of Viva Learning, to automatically move to "Completed" when finished in either platform.

Semplifica l’accesso ai corsi di Docebo in Microsoft Teams

Simplify access to corporate courses

Our component helps you manage colleague training quickly and easily, creating a training hub in your digital workplace.

Log into Viva Learning from the web app or Microsoft Teams to view the catalog of available courses, assign mandatory training, access content assigned or of interest to you, and monitor colleagues' progress.

Save time lost in moving from one platform to another.

Moodle-Viva Learning Connector:
what are the benefits?

Our component integrates one of the world's most widely used LMS platforms into Microsoft Teams via Viva Learning.

You will then have the ability to centralize your company's training and browse the entire Moodle course catalog with your work account.

Social Learning in the enterprise

Social Learning in the enterprise

Take advantage of Viva Learning's integration with Microsoft Teams to share your favorite Moodle courses and gather feedback from your colleagues.

Learning Path

Learning Path

Viva Learning allows you to incorporate Moodle courses into personalized learning paths, integrating them with all the training resources on the platform.

Manage training

Manage training

With synchronized functionality for course assignments and progress tracking, it will be easier to manage your colleagues' training and understand how to improve the learning experience.

Integrazione di Docebo con Microsoft Teams tramite Viva Learning

Integration of Moodle with Microsoft Teams

Viva Learning brings corporate training to Microsoft Teams, enabling all users to share useful content by sending a personalized card in chat or a collaboration group.

This will make it easier to disseminate corporate training resources and stimulate colleague participation.

Installazione semplice del connettore Docebo-Viva Learning

No installation

Our Moodle-Viva Learning connector is a SaaS solution.

Your company can then activate it in 15 minutes with no management required.

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