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Share updates, publish educational content, and disseminate
key information with short videos on the SharePoint intranet.

SharePoint Intranet Videos:
why your company needs them?

Our component allows you to create modern and memorable communication.

It helps you easily spread the latest updates, values, and global strategies of your company through short and customized video content.

Condividere video da diverse fonti nella intranet SharePoint

Share video clips from various sources

Publish useful videos in your intranet to disseminate news and corporate values.

You can share original content or videos from:

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • SharePoint sites
Semplifica le ricerche nella intranet SharePoint

Simplify user searches

Content published with our feature can be categorized and indexed in Advanced Search using personalized tags.

This way, the intranet will show users the most relevant videos for their searches and work.

Pubblicare contenuti video nella intranet SharePoint

Increase engagement

Our feature is not just for admins; it allows you to publish and share content that is useful for the entire company audience.

Harness the flexibility of video format to engage colleagues in clearer and more direct communication.

SharePoint Intranet Video:
what are the benefits?

Video content is more immediate, direct, and personal compared to traditional communication.

Departments, management, the CEO, and people in the company can use it to convey their news and initiatives, receiving real-time feedback from users.

Use our feature to create effective internal communication and strengthen the company culture.

Categorizza i contenuti video nella intranet SharePoint

Categorize content

Create categories for your videos to highlight news, initiatives, global communications, and colleague interviews in one space on the SharePoint intranet.

Contenuti formativi su Microsoft 365 nella intranet SharePoint

Promote training

Publish video courses to support the growth of internal talents or choose to integrate our feature with our training modules.

You can choose from short content dedicated to Microsoft 365, to make the most of your licenses, and customized content tailored to your company's needs.

To learn more, explore Microsoft 365 Video Pills.

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