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Discover all the features of the most used tools in the suite and
learn new use cases every day to increase your productivity and
lighten the daily workload in your company.

Microsoft 365 Video Pills:
why your company needs them?

Microsoft 365 Video Pills helps businesses maximize their investments in digital transformation by teaching users how to adopt Microsoft 365 tools and enhance the effectiveness of their work.

Expand the IT skills of every department with practical and easy-to-digest micro-lessons.

Ottimizzare i costi di formazione con le pillole di Microsoft 365

Optimize licensing and training costs

Microsoft 365 Video Pills includes approx. 1-minute micro-lessons dedicated to the features and use cases of key products, such as Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint.

Each lesson provides useful information ready to be put into practice, combining informative textual explanations with brief multimedia content for deeper understanding.

Users can thus easily adopt the tools provided by the company through an engaging and sustainable learning process over time.

Contenuti multilingua su Microsoft 365

Multilingual content


Our micro-lessons are available in a wide range of languages, ensuring inclusive corporate training.


Integrazione di Micro-learning con le pillole di Microsoft 365

Integration with

Microsoft 365 Video Pills is compatible with our Microlearning platform.

This allows you to bring together the necessary micro-lessons to expand your company's skills in a dedicated training environment.

Microlearning enables the creation of interactive and customized courses, thereby expanding the content of Microsoft 365 Video Pills based on your company's needs.

Push notifications for Microsoft Teams and advanced monitoring features also encourage user engagement and help you measure the effectiveness of corporate training.

Integrazione con la intranet SharePoint

Integration with the SharePoint intranet

Microsoft 365 Video Pills integrates with the SharePoint Online intranet.

Use our micro-lessons to:

  • Increase visits to the company website
  • Build a delegated but controlled training process

Our team can support your company in creating personalized communication campaigns to deepen your knowledge of Microsoft 365 every month with engaging content that aligns with the corporate brand.

For more information, visit the Services page.

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The complete solution to scale down costs and implementation time for your SharePoint intranet and integrated Microsoft 365 environment.

  • Smart and ready-to-use SharePoint intranet, from 3,650 €/year.
  • Fully integrated with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Viva.
  • With 50+ vertical features to enhance your company's communication and processes, with no additional development costs.