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Introduce your company's leaders or department heads and
provide users with quick access to their public profiles.

Leadership Team:
what are the benefits?

Our feature complements the organizational chart by showcasing the company's structure, clarifying departmental organization, and identifying key personnel.

Users can view the management team in a single area of the SharePoint intranet, discovering their roles and how to contact them when needed.

Presentazione contatti chiave di ogni dipartimento nella intranet SharePoint

Showcase key contacts for each department

Our feature displays the following contact information:

  • Profile photo
  • Name
  • Role
  • Brief bio (optional)

This provides a concise overview of the corporate management or the top individuals within a specific function, making it helpful for all users.

By clicking on the showcased profiles, you can access detailed pages explaining individual responsibilities and contact methods.

Trova contatti utili nella intranet SharePoint

Find related contacts

Leadership Team can be divided into two sections to further clarify your company's structure.

The first section showcases the management team, while the second one gathers individuals working in related departments.

To enhance navigation, the second section features a compact layout with:

  • A free-text search bar
  • Filters by department, location, and country

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