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Keep your corporate audience informed
with news from blogs, forums, and online newspapers.

SharePoint RSS Feed:
what are the benefits?

RSS Feed allows you to provide colleagues with comprehensive and centralized information.

Your company can gather external news sources in one place on the intranet, enabling users to access relevant informative content for their work without wasting time on searches.

Integrare fonti informative esterne nella intranet SharePoint

Display external news sources on SharePoint

Our feature enhances SharePoint Online capabilities by allowing the intranet to host news from external sources, such as:

  • Specialized blogs
  • Digital industry magazines
  • Thematic forums
  • Online news outlets

Choose how much content to present to users, available in RSS format, and use it to complement internal publications, offering in-depth information on key topics for the company.

Leggibilità delle notizie nella intranet SharePoint

Responsive design

Insert RSS Feed on the page and in the section of your choice.

The list of news adapts automatically to the available space, ensuring excellent readability of the content even in a compact format.

Configurazione intuitiva del RSS Feed nella intranet SharePoint

Intuitive configuration

Easily import content by copying and pasting the RSS channel address in the designated section of your interest.

Decide which fields to activate for presenting the news, and our component will automatically import:

  • Cover image
  • Title
  • Publication date
  • Description
Compatibilità con i siti di comunicazione di SharePoint Online

Compatible with SharePoint communication sites

Our feature overcomes the limitations of SharePoint Online and its default components, allowing you to include any type of RSS format content in communication sites.

This way, you can provide intranet users with comprehensive and centralized information on topics relevant to their work and the company.

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