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Create a carousel with custom graphics that can enhance corporate initiatives and
improve the navigation experience on the SharePoint Online intranet.

Image Slider for the SharePoint intranet: What are the benefits?

Our component is designed to enrich internal communication through greater customization of the SharePoint intranet. It allows you to promote communications or specific intranet content with modern, flexible graphics to fit every page of the intranet and capture users' attention.

It is not just a graphical component: it supports the intranet adoption process by providing quick access to the most useful tools for your colleagues' daily activities.

Enhance the style of the SharePoint intranet

Improve the style of your intranet

With our web part, you can expand SharePoint's customization capabilities and make the visual identity of the intranet unmistakable.

Bring images together in a single component to highlight corporate initiatives, news, and resources. Unlike standard SharePoint web parts, you will have the ability to:

  • Automatically scroll the featured graphics.
  • Adjust the height of the carousel, to match the images it contains and the intranet pages where you want to place it.
Simplifies communication, with modern graphics

Simplify communication, with modern graphics

Our component allows you to centralize the most important information for corporate audiences, making internal communication more attractive.

Capture attention with customized images and photos, leading users to the most useful resources for their work. Each graphic can be accompanied by quick links to:

  • Intranet pages and sections
  • External resources, such as a website, blog, or online industry magazine
Simplifies intranet navigation

Make navigation easier

By adding internal links, our web part can guide users to discover the intranet.

Pages, libraries, and news posts can be linked to custom carousel graphics, stimulating colleagues to visit different areas of the intranet. They will then have the opportunity to learn about resources and features to support their daily activities.

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