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My Apps is the section of the SharePoint intranet that
brings together all your favorite business apps.

Make the intranet a tool tailored to your work.

SharePoint Personal Apps:
why your company needs them?

The intranet should be your daily landing page, completely customizable and filled with the necessary information to simplify your work.

We've created My Apps with this philosophy in mind, allowing you to build your ideal digital work environment.

Quick access to personal apps in the SharePoint intranet

Quick access

Access your favorite business apps from desktop and mobile devices. Once logged in, you can customize the links dashboard to suit your needs.

You can categorize apps for secure access anytime, in just seconds.

Classify personal apps in the SharePoint intranet

Tags and categories for your links

Create and classify links to personal business apps, making them easier to find in the SharePoint intranet and saving you time on searches.

Customize personal apps in the SharePoint intranet

Customizable design

My Apps provides you with a vast image library.

Gather the links and business apps that are most useful for your work.

Choose from over 100 icons to customize your dashboard.


The complete SharePoint intranet
integrated with Microsoft 365,
starting from 3,650 €/year.
is the solution to
reduce costs and
implementation times.

Operational within 24 hours from purchase, with 5 days of consulting.

50+ apps for communication, training, and corporate knowledge sharing.

Capable of maximizing your investment in Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Viva.