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Microsoft 365 Archive Manager allows your company to reduce the space used
from SharePoint Online, Teams and OneDrive, saving on the purchase of new storage.


Microsoft 365 Archive Manager:
why does your company need it?

Microsoft 365 Archive Manager helps you manage storage space in your digital workspace by distinguishing content you don't need in Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive.

Our component scans and analyzes the areas of Microsoft 365 where you have archived documents to find the versions of files that are less used by users, which you can delete to never exceed the storage limits of your enterprise Microsoft 365 applications.

Manage storage space in SharePoint and Microsoft 365

Our component helps you keep archives in OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams clean by suggesting versions of documents to delete based on their usefulness.

Microsoft 365 Archive Manager thus allows you to:

  • avoid the immediate purchase of new storage space;
  • maintain collaboration features, which are lost with Microsoft 365 Archive;
  • manage storage space in the corporate digital workplace independently.

Analyze memory in the enterprise Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 Archive Manager quickly scans corporate archives in Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive, analyzing all versions of the files present.

It calculates how much storage each of these versions occupies in the archive, indicating the space the company could free up by deleting those less used by users.

Delete less relevant versions of your documents

With our component, you can define criteria for identifying less useful versions of business documents. The rules in place allow you to identify versions to be deleted on:

  • specific SharePoint sites
  • files with versions older than a specific date
  • files of specific types

Microsoft 365 Archive Manager also offers premium features to have more control over the deletion of archived content, allowing companies to create more precise and customized rules.

Microsoft 365 Archive Manager:
what are the benefits?

Schedule the verification flow

Schedule the verification flow

Microsoft 365 Archive Manager allows you to set the frequency with which you do the audit of the space you can save. You thus have the ability to schedule the date and time of the storage space analysis in the Microsoft 365 environment to monitor it on an ongoing basis.

Insight to manage storage space

Insight to manage storage space

Microsoft 365 Archive Manager shares useful tips for archiving documents the right way. For example, it highlights important but little-used files that could be migrated to Microsoft 365 Archive, allowing the company to free up storage on the one hand and preserve all its content on the other.

Easy installation, with our support

Easy installation, with our support

We follow the installation of Microsoft 365 Archive Manager, configuring its settings to fit the corporate digital workplace. Our experts will also provide ongoing support to manage archive verification features, helping you establish rules to identify content that is less useful to your business and colleagues.

Microsoft 365 Archive Manager for OneDrive

Your company will be able to use our component to manage storage space in OneDrive, which Microsoft does not yet allow to expand.

Storage optimization will be possible at the organization and individual user level, so that each person in the company can manage their OneDrive storage without depending on the IT department.

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Microsoft 365 Archive Manager?

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Microsoft 365 Archive Manager helps you manage storage space in your enterprise Microsoft 365 environment.

  • Reduce the space used by SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive, at no additional cost.
  • Manage storage space in the corporate digital workplace independently.
  • Retain the collaboration features that are lost with Microsoft 365 Archive.