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What is an intranet?

Intranet benefits

The intranet is not just an internal site for company news. It is primarily a network of people who make it come to life, use it, read it, enrich it, grow it and take care of it, day after day. Guides offers you exciting ideas on the world of intranet networks.

Read the latest news on product releases, advice on how to enhance your company intranet, help on how to improve your employees' engagement.

Discover the infinite possibilities of an Microsoft 365 intranet & SharePoint Online; find out how to take advantage of the features of the Microsoft 365 tools to improve business communication and collaboration.

SharePoint Online

All M365 Collaboration Tools

What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence: a brief introduction

What is Artificial Intelligence? Why is it so essential for us and our daily life? Here's a brief introduction to AI, its applications, and its significance.

What is an intelligent intranet?

An intelligent intranet with SharePoint

Our vision for intelligent intranet, how to build it and get the results you want.