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Schermata della intranet aziendale

Company initiatives for your intranet, before and after start-up

We help you design, create and carry out activities tailored to the company’s and the users’ needs, in order to involve the employees and raise the engagement level.

During the intranet’s development and after the start-up it is necessary to take some steps to create an intranet that all workers appreciate


implementation of the portal

Interview and listen to all employees to build a user-centered Intranet

Increase engagement

Setup of the intranet to create engagement

processes digitalization

Digitalize the company’s processes to waste less of the workers’ time

How can we help you in creating a successful intranet?

lancio della intranet

Intranet's launch to create engagement

In order to inform the employees and build engagement before the launch we create: 

  • Communication campaign 
  • Poll to choose the portal’s name 
  • Video to announce the intranet’s development 
  • Special gadgets for the event 

Workshops for a user-centered intranet

Thanks to our experience, we can help you design and conduct workshops on several topics in order to: 

  • Involve more departments in the intranet project  
  • Share the goals and discover users’ needs 
  • Finalize a people-focused intranet 

Gamification to ease the intranet’s adoption process

Gamification may help to ease the adoption of the intranet and of other company initiatives. Gamification can also be used to work on the company’s values and grow your team building

At we can help you to define strategies that will allow workers to have fun on the intranet. 

Digitalizzazione dei processi

Digitalization of company processes

The intranet allows you to digitalize processes in order to increase employees’ productivity. 

At we can help you leverage digitalization through the implementation of approval workflows, the creation of digital forms, and the dematerialization of documents


Support for every phase in your Intranet’s development, starting at 55€/h

Goals and Personas analysis and definition

Goals and personas analysis and definition

We can help you analyze the previous intranet and define goals and personas to create an intranet that reflects the users’ needs, to understand which functionalities are necessary and how to communicate at the best. 

Digital Writing Workshops

Digital writing workshops

In order to communicate efficiently on the intranet, we need to know the differences between online and offline communications and which techniques to apply. 

Because of this, we help you train your employees to create effective content. 

Video tutorials

Video tutorials

Video tutorials are one of the best ways to share information in a simple and engaging manner. 

Creating effective tutorials can be challenging, though. Because of this, at we also help our clients create videos for the intranet. 

Live Streaming events

Live streaming events

Live Events allow you to involve workers and to receive feedback on participation levels. 

Thanks to our experience and our knowledge of the technical tools, we can aid you in organizing live streaming events.

Company FAQs

Company FAQs

Company FAQs are a basic part of the Intranet. 

At we can aid you in choosing the questions and in writing down the answers by interviewing the key users that work on the processes. 

Intranet migration

Intranet migration

We support you during the migration of the Intranet to Microsoft 365. 

Thanks to our experience, we can support you in designing the content to make sure that it is available and easily found, even on the new portal.

Discover our other services

At we can also aid you in creating content and special activities for your company intranet. 


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What is is the ready-to-use corporate intranet, designed to reduce costs and implementation times, thus creating a collaborative and modern digital work environment:

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