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Intelligent search function to easily find and access company documents

Extended Sharepoint Search helps people find what they need in your corporate intranet

Intelligent Intranet Search is a quick search bar that enhances SharePoint Online's search capabilities, making searches inside and outside your organization's Microsoft 365 intranet extremely quick and simple.

Why improving your intranet search?

Unsatisfied employees about the intranet search feature

the percentage of people who are actually happy with search results on their intranet

time wasted searching for necessary files and documents

21 min 41 sec
the average time spent searching for a document or daily essential information

impossibility to find the document the user searched for

the average number of daily intranet searches that yield no results

Time spent searching for documents is a cost for the company

$ 4,000 per month
the average cost just for the time spent searching for content

According to IDC's White Paper, firms lose roughly $2.5 million each year owing to employees' inability to locate and retrieve vital information. Assume, however, that each employee has the necessary documentation at the right moment. As a result of closing this organizational gap, the company's performance improves. In the perspective of its employees, the company will appear to be able to supply all of the necessary instruments for them to work in the best and most innovative conditions imaginable.
Supporting this operational side specifically improves four aspects:
  • The company's knowledge management. The research processes must be fluid, complete, and rapid in order to maintain optimal control over the flow of knowledge throughout the firm.
  • Employee engagement. Employees can work with valuable content in a relaxing environment.
  • Effective collaborations between teams
  • Project management. Managers can access essential information, hire employees with the relevant talents, and look up previous projects quickly and easily.


Intelligent search finds exactly what you're looking for


Intelligent search finds exactly what you're looking for. provides a new search tool that is integrated with your company's intranet, Sharepoint.

The intranet becomes a single location where employees may find everything they require. All data is saved once in a single database that is appropriately safeguarded.

What exactly does this imply? It helps you prevent job delays and misunderstandings by allowing you to have and access constantly updated data.

Search functions into multiple data sources

Search into multiple data sources intelligent search augments SharePoint's default search engine to assist end users in finding information on:

  • intranet documents, news and pages
  • company people
  • company knowledge base

With one single action, you can easily find everything you need for your daily job.

Artificial intelligence analizing user activities to boost performances

Understand what users search

With the use of Artificial Intelligence and natural language comprehension, we understand how people look for information on your intranet to present them with the best matches.

Results that are based on the colleagues' searches, using machine learning.
Using intranet analytics, you have a direct view of a better understanding of what employees need:

  • most important content
  • trending information in a certain period
  • doubts, problems, or difficulties
Customize the smart search tool for every need

Help people find information inside our outside your intranet

With intelligent search, you can optimize your intranet search precisely, thanks to our company knowledge base.
Using this customization tool, you can:

  • access intranet content with one click
  • Search outside your intranet
  • find information that people usually ask their colleagues

Created for today's workplace needs

Make your intranet smarter! Our search solution is based on machine learning, which allows your intranet to learn and become more accurate in searching and displaying the content people need.

Automatic understanding of the search language

Language understanding search engine can customize results based on users' natural language and behavior, thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence.

Searching for synonyms and related words


The system self manages synonyms. This allows users to get consistent search results with fewer tries.

Display of content differentiated according to the utility, place and language

Multi language

Manage multiple KBs to include content for different countries. The system will automatically understand user language.

Real-time updating

Real-time updating

Modify the KB by yourself. Each change is updated in real-time so that all employees can fully avail of the search tool.

Personalized user suggestions based on previous searches


Based on users' searches during the intranet lifetime, the system will suggest the best keywords for your knowledge base content.

Improving collaboration between colleagues with department customizations


Share the KB with people from other departments to customize search results and provide the most relevant information for employees.

Monitoring intranet performanes and employee needs


Access an anonymous log of searches to understand what people really need for their daily work and quickly satisfy all their needs.

Finding information to improve job quality

Not only the intranet

Using our knowledge base, you can give people useful information that are not inside your intranet and increase the quality of searches.

How intelligent research helps workers

A well-designed search engine allows the instantaneous retrieval of work materials saving the time and activities of the work routine. Each request will enable you to search among the categories that have been "tagged" in the contents to provide the desired results.
It helps employees explore documents, files, presentations, profiles, etc.  Every search is more extensive and comprehensive than ordinary systems. For example, in addition to classic documents, you can search the list of employees to find people associated with keywords, categories, or skills and sort the results by first listing the most relevant information.
As you can see from the examples above, following this path allows you to save time, and saving time means saving money.


What is

It's a ready-to-use corporate intranet,
designed to reduce costs and implementation time by providing a highly modern and collaborative digital workplace.

  • Starting price is 2450€, for a fully-featured intranet
  • More than 20 Apps including intelligent search, document management, news, push notifications, and my workplace
  • 100% integrated with SharePoint Online and Microsoft 365