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What is Yammer

Yammer is based on the idea of creating a digital social platform aimed at business customers where they can share company knowledge, ask questions about common procedures or company life, share and plan projects with colleagues.

Microsoft Yammer is a corporate bulletin board or virtual meeting room where you can interact with all company employees, ask and answer questions in real time without having to resort to an endless sequence of emails.

Yammer was created to ease collaboration, communication and the exchange of information of all kinds within the company; therefore, to speed up communication and receive updates on the project progress, so you don't need to send hundreds of emails and wait for a response.

You just have to check the company page or check if colleagues are connected to the chat: in a few minutes you can get your answer.

Yammer allows you to increase productivity at work. And not just because it speeds up communication: Microsoft encourages employees to be more creative and proactive, constantly circulating new ideas.


Yammer is integrated into Office 365

The most crucial aspect of Yammer is the deep integration with Microsoft365 and its tools like Teams, SharePoint Online and Outlook.

Yammer focuses on communication within the company in ways designed to encourage dialogue between colleagues or between managers and employees, with more socially oriented dynamics than those of the aforementioned teams, as can be seen in the video below.

Yammer delivers an intelligent experience across all devices, introducing new integrations with Teams, SharePoint, and Outlook.
It can be used to broadcast live and on-demand events with simplified options for using webcam and desktop sharing.

Unlike many competing applications, Microsoft Yammer was built through some of the most frequently received feedback from users, by implementing features designed to meet specific needs.

The chat feed is created ad hoc for each one based on the use of artificial intelligence to highlight the most critical topics, interface customisations based on the company brand, optimised discussion organisation and rapid sharing of video messages via the mobile application.


Features for collaborating with Yammer

The typical functions of a social network are combined with the usual functions of a microblogging platform and a collaboration platform where ideas and projects can be shared.

However, Yammer has a unique feature: you can only connect with users who have the same email address as your company's domain (or multiple domains). Then you create a corporate social network hosted by Microsoft's cloud services, where you run confidential documents and new projects.

The introduction of a corporate social network initiative requires, first of all, a strategy to encourage the paradigm shift, the new business tools must be included in an adoption plan that takes into account the culture and objectives of the company.

The challenges Yammer faces to improve collaboration in your digital workplace are:

  • Collaboration and team growth.
  • Approach to communication.
  • Embrace a culture of knowledge sharing.
  • Work like a network.
  • Having a shared vision.
  • Work towards common goals.
  • Assist with cultural change.


Yammer has high potential and the companies that introduced it have significantly improved collaboration, communication, internal relationships, dynamics.

The positive effects are: rapid resolution of problems thanks to inter-company communication, sharing and growth of ideas useful for productivity and business development, the emergence of talent, greater employee satisfaction, ease of connection and communication between remote and on-premise team work, greater sense of involvement and alignment with business objectives.



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