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Menu's employee groups displayed on tablets

Dynamic groups in Microsoft 365 for targeted content in your intranet

Create intelligent groups on the go by collecting people based on their properties.

Communicate and collaborate
with people grouped intelligently helps content targeting, information delivery and team collaboration with one automatic tool.

Often, specific content needs to be delivered to a specific group of people through the intranet.
Usually, you have to manage groups manually which wastes a lot of time.
Using intelligent groups you can:

  • create groups by yourself
  • create rules to include people based on property values
  • use the full list of user properties available from people directory
  • target news, alerts and specific areas of your intranet to the dynamic group

Creating targeted content is now even easier.

An IT Administrator tool

Together, internal communication, HR and IT can bring top value to your intranet.
time save using an intelligent corporate intranet

Save time

Don't waste time manually managing intranet groups membership. With intelligent groups, adding new hires and removing people that leave is automatic and instantaneous.   

Reduction of costs and expenses for projects managed within an intranet

Save money

Your intranet project can be managed on less budget. You don't need to buy more licenses for dynamic groups or hire consultants for script development. Use this feature for the digitalization of your other processes too.

What is

It's a ready-to-use corporate intranet,
designed to reduce costs and implementation time by providing a highly modern and collaborative digital workplace.

  • Starting price is 2450€, for a fully-featured intranet
  • More than 20 App including intelligent search, document management, news, push notifications, and my workplace
  • 100% integrated with SharePoint Online and Microsoft 365